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My Problem

My Problem, an interesting masturbation situation

My problem is on a higher level, and I say this with an unconcealed degree of pride.

I have learned to have continuous, long-lasting orgasms. I can go as long as 5 minutes in orgasm.

In case you’re wondering how it’s done, let me tell you, because you can learn it too, and it’s not hard. It just takes some practice, and not even that much. I have seen a couple of guys get it on the first try.

You may know about edging, where you bring yourself close to ejaculating over and over again, but before you get too close, you stop the stimulation, and let the feeling subside.

OK, do that. Except, every time you get close to the edge, stop the stimulation only for a moment, Maybe one or two seconds. Then resume. Optionally, you can reduce the stimulation without stopping altogether. The goal is not to let the pre-orgasmic feeling fully subside. Just let it fall enough that you don’t cum then and there.

Stay calm, and keep doing it, Pretty soon, a true orgasmic feeling, what I call ‘lower orgasm,’ will happen for a moment. You feel that wonderful visceral tickle, for lack of a better word. You feel the tightness in your genital region, and probably a super excited, super hard cock state. You may feel tingles, or sort of spectacular chills as distal as your head and feet. You are fully in bliss. Now, typically, it falls off after a moment, or you ejaculate. That’s where the practice comes in. You can find the balance and stay in the lower orgasmic feeling for longer and longer times. At first, it’s up and down. You’ll keep getting into the orgasmic state for a moment, then it will recede, then you can bring it back, and so on. But in time, you can just stay in it.

Your body helps out. When it learns what you’re trying to do, it actually supports you in this activity, making it increasingly easy to stay in the state. Maybe it’s like playing the piano. It’s pretty damn hard to play a tune the first few times through, but with practice, you don’t even remember to press certain keys, you just play the song almost on autopilot.

Once you get the knack of it, you can even hit what I refer to as ‘high orgasm.’ In that state, your penis pulses. You get the ejaculatory contractions, but nothing comes out. That’s ideal. In actual practice, sometimes one drop of cum will escape. That’s rather exciting, because you can have a session of mini-ejaculations over the course of minutes or even hours. As good as that is, to get into the high orgasmic state with contractions and all, but stay dry… well, it’s an absolutely delicious accomplishment.

Imagine: You can have orgasms better and beyond what almost any other guy has had. But you don’t have to imagine. This is real!

So my problem, on a higher level, is that I’m still not perfect. Whether by myself, or with my wife or male friends doing me, it’s difficult for me to stay in lower orgasm for more than a few minutes at a time. And my high orgasm state generally falls back to lower orgasm after a few seconds, and has to be brought back, over and over again. On some occasions, I’ve had five minutes of lower and higher orgasm several times in an hour or more, But usually, I blow it, and fully ejaculate too soon.

By the way, an interesting side benefit is you learn that you don’t have to ejaculate to be satisfied. Many times, I’ve received a dry handjob from my wife, then continued to rub myself for an hour next to her while she sleeps. I don’t even bring tissues to bed any more, because I don’t need them. Finally, I fall asleep, happy as a clam. On a few occasions, I have fallen asleep while she is manipulating my penis. My wife seems to particularly like that.

As I keep practicing, I’m very curious to see what will happen next. Will I be able to stay in higher orgasm for a half-hour non-stop? What will that be like? Is there something new, as yet undiscovered? Maybe, I’ll break through to a new threshold? Is there a state beyond orgasm?

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