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My Crazy Mother

Well, as you know, my mom is crazy. [I didn’t know.] Yes, the day I turned eighteen, she gave me a blowjob as one of my birthday gifts. I was weirded out at first, and part of me wanted no part of it. Another part wanted to see whether she’d really do that. I mean, she’s done insane things all her life, but that took it to a new level, in my opinion. Yet another part of me was suddenly aroused as soon as she announced it.

Yes, she’s quite nuts. The six or so boyfriends she had since I can remember have all been too weirded out by her to stay for long. On, I don’t mean she gets drunk, yells, or anything like that. More like she’ll invite me and my friends on a midnight picnic. She often wears the skimpiest bikinis when she goes to the grocery store. She’s taken me to a nude beach maybe six times, starting when I was ten years old. Of course, it had little effect on me at that age. It was just ‘the beach’ and that was that. She has embarrassed me on multiple occasions with my friends, or guys on my team, asking them questions like how often they masturbate. Notice, she didn’t ask ‘if’ they masturbate. That would have given them an out, and I think she wanted to see them squirm a little bit. Then, she’d frequently start talking right there with me and my friends about the benefits of masturbation. And, as if that wasn’t enough, she gives blow by blow accounts of the couple of times she’s caught me jerking off. Geez! She does all this stuff with a smile, and a disarmingly friendly manner. She’s not mean. Just overly fun-loving.

So, on my 18th birthday, she offered a blowjob. Of course there was only one option. I said, “No thanks Mom.”

She brought it up about eight more times, finally begging to blow me. She’s my mother. What could I do?

Getting ready was easy enough. She’s seen me naked a million times, although not so much in recent years. She has even practiced Brazillian waxing on me. That’s removing the hair from one’s crotch, in case you didn’t know. You see, she thought she’d become a waxer for a living, but never really carried through on that. However she still waxes herself and me. I’ve decided I like the fully nude look very much. She doesn’t really need to work. Before my father died (when I was six), he had bought eight houses. We live in one, and rent out the others, which makes enough money to live on, and even put me through college.

Yes, when she waxes my dick, I usually get an erection, with her handling it and all. No, I’ve never ejaculated during the process. However, I must admit that when she was done that first time, I examined her work in the shower, the super smooth skin where the hair had been, and it made me so horny I jerked off right away.

So, back to the blowjob. She had me stand, and knelt on a pillow in front of me. To my surprise, the moment she put my dick in her mouth, I hardened up like a rock. Like an ice-cold popsicle. But there was nothing icy about it. Her mouth was warm and inviting. Her hands on my butt were warm and wonderful also. I came almost instantly, and she swallowed the whole works. My knees almost buckled and I had to sit down.

“Son, it’s been so long! The last time I did that was with your father. Well, no, actually with Gary. No, after Gary was Jason… well, it’s been a while. You taste just like your father. Have you ever been blown?”

“No Mom. You know I haven’t had any serious girlfriends yet. That was my first blowjob ever. ” I had trouble saying the word ‘blowjob.’

It’s been four years since my 18th birthday blowjob. My mother has given me numerous blowjobs and handjobs. Oh, and more than once I’ve woken in the morning in her bed, having fallen asleep during one of her gentle post-orgasm testicle massages.

It was actually me who suggested we fuck one night as I was rubbing my dick through her delicious ass crack. She said “No.” That was going too far. I finally found my mother’s limits!

Reciprocation? You bet. I’ve licked her vagina to orgasm, multiple orgasms, many times. I just can’t get over being amazed that I came out of that little slot. I like working two fingers from each hand in, and spreading it as wide as I can, looking inside to see the place of my origin. She totally enjoys the stretching. She particularly likes when I slowly put a wet finger in her ass while licking her clitoris, and I love doing it.

As to my own sex life, I mean, the other people in my life, so far I’ve had two serious girlfriends, and one boyfriend. The thing with the guy didn’t last very long. I think both of us were just experimenting. For me, at least, it didn’t have the same effect as with girls. I’m still with Jenny. I think she may be the one. Reluctantly, I took her to meet my mom for the first time in July. There was no telling what my mom might do. And she did. She got all horny and sexy acting around Jenny. I was mortified, until I noticed Jenny was lapping it all up. It ended up with all three of us in Mom’s bed. The two women barely noticed me, kissing, rolling and licking each other as they were.

I think I’ve been mentally trying to balance my mother’s craziness by being overly conservative. I’m going to have to rethink that.

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  1. Is that your mother in the picture?

    1. I don’t actually know this guy’s mother. I just used a public domain picture of someone who I imagine might look like her.

  2. You have the mother I missed so much in my life. I hope you enjoy her and continue with her.

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