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Marie and the Guys

Marie gets buttfucked, sort of in a mixed-group circle jerk

I recently turned down a three-way butt fucking opportunity. Well, not that recently, it was a bit over a year ago.

A guy had been arranging monthly circle jerks. I found out, and wrote, and was invited. He said a woman might attend, which I found terribly exciting. I mean, an ordinary wank session with guys is certainly nice, but with a girl watching, maybe even participating, that takes it to a whole ‘nother level.

He didn’t say she’d show up for sure, just ‘maybe.’ Anyway, I got there, and was the third to arrive. About 15 minutes after the start time, there were 8 or 10 guys. No girl. Oh, well.

Then, she showed up, explaining how the bus had never arrived, so she had to take the next bus. Marie was around 36-38 years old, of Italian descent, with dark skin, and large tits. A beauty overall, although I suppose ideally she could have been 20 pounds lighter. At first, she stayed clothed, and just sat on the naked host’s lap, kind of watching, and whispering quiet things to him.

I figured that was all she was going to do. Still, it was nice to be so casually wanking in front of her.

But no, I was quite wrong. Soon she stripped to her underwear, and shortly after that, she was totally nude. She started by stroking a couple of guys, but just momentarily. None to ejaculation. Then, the rubbers came out, and one by one, the guys fucked her. I held back. I don’t know why. Maybe for me that would be crossing the line, and being unfaithful to my wife. Since she’s not very sexual anymore, she approves of some of my activities, because they take the pressure off of her to ‘perform,’ but as to fucking another woman, that would probably be going too far. I was simply enjoying the show, as I idly stroked my very hard penis.

Then Marie wanted the host to buttfuck her while she was getting it in the pussy by another guy. He was delighted, put a condom on his cock, and climbed over her back. But he couldn’t get hard. I don’t know if it was because of all the guys watching, or because it was, he admitted, a new experience for him, or maybe the idea of a butt geeked him out. But after a few minutes of trying he gave up.

I made my move. I came over and kind of swirled a finger around her anus while she continued to fuck the guy under her. I thought she might say, “no.” but she said, “unh, yeah,” kind of pushing her ass up toward me in an unmistakable invitation.

I slowly pushed my finger into her butt, and she started orgasming, over and over again, much to the delight of the guy under her. I was able to feel the hardness and pulsing of his penis with my finger through the walls of her rectum and vagina. Finally he softened and pulled out, and I took that as my cue to pull my finger out of Marie. She thanked me,

She then went over my balls with a little handheld vibrator she had, with virtually all the guys watching. I became super-erect, as if I hadn’t been already. The host asked whether I could cum on her tits. She enthusiastically wanted me to do that also, so I did, with an unusually strong and long-lasting orgasm.

I’m sure I could have buttfucked her, but for some reason I didn’t. I’ve wondered about that from time to time, but at least I was faithful to my wife. Oddly, I have no regrets. The evening was a smashing success so far as I’m concerned.

I went one more time, and Marie showed up again. Guys fucked her, I held back, and still I had a wonderful time.

Unfortunately, the host, a truck driver, could no longer organize the circle jerks because his route had been changed. I would imagine he’s hosting circle jerks in some other city now.

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