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Male Faking and Detection

I was asked, “How can men fake orgasms?”

Although that’s a rather nebulous question, here’s my answer, followed by an answer to the obvious next question: “How can you detect whether a man is really orgasming?”

If you’re having intercourse it’s easy. A woman generally can’t tell whether you have ejaculated in her or not. Just tighten your muscles and carry on as if you’re having an orgasm. Same for anal sex. People can’t generally tell whether you came.

In other situations, such as masturbating in front of friends, you could hold a towel or wad of tissue in front of your penis pretending that your orgasming, maybe adding a thrust or two, then quickly throw it away before they have a chance to inspect for actual cum.

This may be more difficult if you’re having trouble getting erect.

If you’re being filmed, you could fill a squirt bulb, a squirt gun, or some sort of small bladder-like device with some milk. Hold it behind your penis so it doesn’t show, then squeeze it at the right time.

As someone else mentioned, dry orgasms are of course easy to fake, but most people, both male and female don’t know what dry orgasms are and won’t believe they’re possible.

However, they are quite possible although they usually take some practice. The big advantage is you can go ahead and enjoy your orgasm, but you won’t ejaculate. Nothing will come out. You can learn how to do it at Dry Orgasm.

Or yet another option is to decide whether you really need to fake the orgasm. Maybe you can just go ahead and cum. Wouldn’t that be fun in the right circumstances?

What about knowing whether a man has orgasmed or is faking? If he’s jerking off it’s pretty obvious when you see cum spurting out of him. But what if he’s dry orgasming, or his prick is buried in someone’s vagina? Well, if you must know whether he orgasmed, keep a close watch on his taint also known as his perinium, the area btween his scrotum and anus. The prostate gland is in that area, and the muscles around the prostate and urethra will contract rhythmically. You can usually see the contractions in that area.

This is something I like to point out when I’d demonstrating dry orgasming. I tell people to watch, or even put a finger on my perinuim in order to feel my urethral contractions.

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