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Luke’s Pond

Embarrassing erection and more at Luke's Pond
Not Luke’s Pond, but the scene was somewhat like this.

I almost envy the older guys who have trouble getting it up. My problem has always been the opposite. I’m erect more often, an in more inappropriate situations than I should be. Or, at least so I thought.

It started in grade school. I’d be asked to come to the front of the class to speak, or draw on the board or something, and I’d have to hunch over in an attempt to hide the erection in my pants. It wasn’t always successful, and more than once both the girls and the boys laughed at me.

In middle school, we had gym class and had to change and shower in front of the other guys. That’s when I learned that certain things will mark you as ‘gay’ and in our limited young boy society at the time, that was considered a bad thing. I didn’t do anything to deserve the label. All I did was have an erection when changing and seeing the other boys in various states of undress. It would have been even worse if there were any girls in there, but of course there weren’t.

In the first year of high school, I was invited to go skinny dipping at Luke’s Pond, a local hangout for the older kids. The younger kids were never allowed there, and so I knew only vaguely about it. It felt like a super-honor to be invited. Finally, I was old enough. But, I couldn’t go. People would see my erection, and I’d be teased to the ends of the earth. Oh, and I so wanted to go to Luke’s Pond! It would have been my first time to see real live girls up close and nude.

Suddenly, I decided, “Fuck it, I’m going!” I was thinking of Radar O’Reilly, a character in an old TV series. He was flawed. He was short, wore glasses, had a high, hesitant voice and could have been the type of person who would just have given up on being socially accepted. But no, he was just himself, and he was accepted in his group. Then, when it came to the important stuff, he utilized his talents (exceptional ability to hear and know things slightly in advance), was a caring individual, and good at his work.

I could be myself, too, couldn’t I? Now, I didn’t have any special talents, other than the ability to have an erection at the worst times, but whatever, right?

So, with my heart in my throat, I rode my bike over to Luke’s Pond. As I approached, I saw about a dozen nude bodies, and some were indeed girls! One was Cindy, a chick I would have loved to get to know, if only she didn’t have eyes only for the ‘cool’ guys. But there she was, with her big, glorious boobs, and spectacular ass, naked as the day she was born! She was even better looking nude than I had imagined. And there was Sandra, looking sexy even if surprisingly blubbery in her slightly overweight condition. Being naked only enhanced her fetching smile. Oh, my god, I noticed that she had shaved her crotch area. I could make out the slot of her pussy with a bit of inner labia showing.

Of course my dick was already hard in my pants. I had to ride the last few hundred feet standing up because sitting kind of hurt my stiff dick a bit, being caught up in my underwear.

The big moment came. People said “Hi” as I arrived. They didn’t tease me, as had so often been the case. Let’s face it, if since grade school you’ve been mocked for erections, the teasing doesn’t stop there. You become everyone’s go to person for making fun of, for picking on.

OK, the big plunge, and I don’t mean into the water. The time was here to disrobe in front of these people. With actual fear, so much fear that I was shaking a little bit, I took off my shorts and T-shirt, and quickly jumped into the water, my erection waving in front of me as I ran along the little muddy beach.

I was expecting an actual wave of laughter, or perhaps mockery, or at least pointing and snickering. But nothing. Just a few variations of “Hi Ron.”

Well, I couldn’t stay in the water forever, so finally, I came out, still erect, walked over to a log and sat down. “Let them see it. No big deal,” I was trying to tell myself.

And it turns out it was no big deal. In retrospect, it was quite the opposite. For the first time ever, Ralph was willing to talk to me. Not snort, not tease, not laugh. He started an earnest conversation. Oh, it was nothing special, just about the broken old car his father had given him that he planned to fix up some day. But, he was talking in earnest to me!

Jim came over. Pretty soon the three of us were sitting on the log, like old friends. Them with their soft penises, me with my erection. After awhile, my erection actually went down, at least until Cindy came over and joined us. I kept staring at those boobs of hers. Oh, I so wanted to just reach out and touch them.

My erection grew again. No one said anything. Then, to my absolute surprise, Ralph said, “Hey Ron, nice boner!” The thing was, I could tell by his voice, that he wasn’t mocking. He was seriously complimenting my penis. At least I hoped that’s what was happening.

Then Cindy floored me. “Can I touch it?”

All I could say was “Um…”

She took that as a yes, took a couple of steps over to the log where I was sitting as I spread my legs further apart in invitation.

Cindy reached out, first lightly touching the head of my penis with her fingertips, then wrapping her hand around it. “Oh, it feels so good to hold,” she exclaimed. Then, “Here Julie, check it out,” as she moved aside for tall, sexy, dark-skinned Julie who had joined us.

Julie wrapped her black hand around my penis, and instinctually started moving her hand up and down.

“Oh, stop, I’m going to cum,” I horsely whisper-shouted. She let go immediately, and the pre-orgasmic feeling hovered for a minute then subsided.

Looking around, I was delighted to discover that I was no longer the only boy with an erection. By now, all 12 of us were gathered around the log. It seems I was the focus of attention, but all the other boys were standing there watching Julie and me with full erections. Some were idly stroking themselves.

George asked Julie, “Can I try?” She reluctantly let go of my penis, which she had resumed holding but not stroking and moved aside. No one said, “George, are you gay?” They were very accepting of whatever it was that was happening.

George put his hand on my cock, and I came instantly. Arching my back, moaning against my better judgment, wanting to not let on that I was in the throes of an amazing orgasm, but there was nothing I could do. It was beyond my control.

It occurred to me that I ejaculated in a boy’s hand, not a girl. I didn’t want to be known as ‘gay.’ On the other hand, I was so blissed out, what did it matter?

The summer wore on. It turned out that George wasn’t gay, or at least I don’t think so. He was what I later came to know as bisexual, as was I. The fifteen or so kids who frequented Luke’s Pond became very good friends indeed. We had decided early on, after quite a bit of discussion, that we would keep our activities to masturbatory things. For the girls, us guys learned quickly how to tickle a girl’s clit until she cums. We learned how to kiss vaginas with lots of wet, sloppy tongue action. The girls, and sometimes the boys, learned how to give blowjobs without scraping with their teeth. We talked about sex all the time, but we all figured it was just too risky.

I kept being the boner boy – the most erect one in the group, but all the boys did have erections from time to time. We’d frequently jerk each other off if the girl’s weren’t giving us handjobs. It was all OK. The word ‘gay’ disappeared from our mutual vocabulary.

The strange part about the whole thing is that I, the former laughing stock, the one who was always teased, became not only totally accepted by the group, but when school started again, I was almost like a celebrity. People talked with me. They accepted my opinions. They even asked for my opinion on various things. I was exactly who I wanted to be, erection and all!

2 thoughts on “Luke’s Pond

  1. Fun story although it comes off more as a fantasy than anything. One comment: The accompanying photo is from a European beach due to the fact that it’s 100% rocks and not sand. Very common in Europe. Luckily if you live in the U.S. you will always have a sand beach. First time I went to a beach in the U.K. I was shocked to find out it was all pebbles and no sand.

  2. sounds like a very exciting time in his life ,would of been fun to be part pot the group

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