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Literally Attacked By Four Girls

My sister

I’m going to tell you how I ended up cumming in my twin sister’s hands while her three girlfriends watched, and she ended up making money.

Our parents are fairly wealthy. Quite wealthy, in fact. So, we have a backyard pool. My sister’s three friends have hung out at our pool in their bikinis since before I can remember. Sometimes I, and some of my friends, would hang out there, too. We still spend time out there any time it’s warm and we’re away from college. When we were little, our mom and our friends’ moms used to watch over us.

So far, four times, I have fallen victim to my sister’s goofy money-making scheme out by the pool.

You see, our parents are trying to teach us to be financially responsible, or something. Sure they pay our college tuition, but we’re supposed to cover our own incidentals. Like when I broke my phone. Mom and Dad refused to pay for that.

I’ve been selling some black and white photos in a local gallery. They’re not nudes. They are things like close-ups of bent knees, or the back of a girl’s hand. My sister’s friends, all very good looking chicks, have been good enough to model for me. After the monthly gallery fee and commissions, it doesn’t pay all that well, and it’s the only gallery that has room to show my work. Still, I’m the lucky one to have an income. My sister would have to work in Walmart or something if it weren’t for her sneak attacks on me.

The first time was a total surprise, and it angered me, at first. The subsequent times started out less annoying, then became totally delightful. I still fought them off at the beginning, but it was more of a pretense.

On that first occasion it was me and the four girls at the pool. It was a warm day. Everything seemed normal. I was a short distance away from the four of them, laying on an air mattress and reading some stuff on my iPhone, and the four girls were twittering away about something. They sounded conspiratorial, with snickering and occasional blasts of laughter. No big deal.

Suddenly the four of them approached me in a clump with big smiles on their faces. I though they were going to dump cold water on me or something. I quickly moved my phone under a blanket so it wouldn’t get soaked. But where was the water? They weren’t holding anything behind their backs. They didn’t have the garden hose. Hmmm. Just as I was trying to figure it out, they attacked me. I mean, they literally grabbed my arms and legs, as I immediately started struggling. Oh, perhaps I could have overtaken them and gotten away, but I didn’t want to hurt anyone, even in this strange circumstance.

But it quickly got out of hand. Sandy tied my wrists together with a bandana or something. Carla was sitting on my legs and somehow managed to control my flailing ankles. Whoomp! In one smooth move, my sister pulled off my swim trunks, with the assistance of Carla, leaving me 100% exposed. Meanwhile, Lori was standing back holding something. Fuck, it was a phone. She was recording this! Geez! It was about then that I noticed that Carla and my sis had managed to bind my ankles together with a soft rope. Where did that come from?

This was scaring me. And, it was seriously pissing me off. They had gone too far, and I had lost control of the situation. I’m a control freak, so I was seriously not liking this. And my dick. It was exposed! Now, I wished I hadn’t been shaving that area. That was doubly embarrassing. I was thinking as soon as I got out of this mess, I was going to break that phone of Lori’s. No way were they going to bribe me with the video or something.

As it turns out, it was nothing of the kind. Not bribery. Worse in a way.

My sister knelt down next to my crotch, and started gently poking my scrotum with her fingers. I hated this, but there was a part of my mind that was also starting to find it, let’s say, ‘interesting.’ I mean, check it out, my very own sister, who hadn’t seen me naked since we were too young to remember, was touching my balls! How weird is that? And there was Lori, leaning in to get a close view with her phone.

The scene was not crazy enough yet. My penis had started to become erect as my sister moved from poking, and then gently stretching my scrotum, to playing with the little bit of foreskin I have. I’m circumcised. I was pulling hard against my bound wrists and ankles with Carla sitting on my feet, but I couldn’t get up. I wasn’t being polite. I was not trying to avoid hurting the girls. They really and truly had me so I couldn’t get away. I pulled so hard my arms ached. Because, here I was becoming erect in front of these girls, and I really, really didn’t want that. How totally embarrassing! But there was no stopping it. Yet, on one level, what my sister was doing to me was feeling good. Quite good. Now, she was stroking my penis. Where did she learn to do that? Must have been from one of her boyfriends. Even though she was my twin, there were things about her life, especially the last couple of years since we were attending different colleges, that were a mystery to me.

Oh, my god, I was going to cum! I felt the orgasm building up. I mean, maybe it’s one thing to have an erection in front of my sister and her friends, but to ejaculate, well, that would be untenable. Just like I tried not to have an erection, I was now straining with all my might not to ejaculate.

Suddenly, she let go. That was confusing. I was prepared to cum, to accept the inevitable, and it didn’t happen. I was so close, I felt my dick pulse two times, like cumming, but I’m pretty sure nothing came out. That had never happened to me before. It was always one way or the other with me. Either no orgasm and no cum, or ejaculation. There was no in between, until now. That was really strange. Now that I think back on it, my thought process had drifted during the past minute or two.

I had gone from so pissed off I swore I’d kill her when this was over, to, well, smiling! Yes, I was smiling and kind of laughing. The embarrassment of these girls watching my sister work with my rock hard penis was starting to wane, and was being replaced with what, horniness? A super erotic sensation? Now that she had let go of my dick, I only wanted one thing in the whole world: to ejaculate! But she had let go. I was becoming afraid that this crazy tied down event was over. They had their laughs, they’d let me go, they’d threaten me with the fucking video on Lori’s phone, but then they’d probably erase it, right?

Lori kept filming. Suddenly, my sister was back in action. She had put some suntan lotion on her hands, and I could feel the slipperiness as she started massaging my shaven ballsack. She hadn’t said much, and then uttered two funny words: “Like sandpaper.” Darn, I didn’t want my scrotum to be like that. I had wanted it to be silky smooth, like it looked. But that’s the way with shaving, especially if you only do it every couple of days.

It’s funny how the mind can work. That’s what I was thinking in that moment. But she didn’t allow me to think that for long. She grabbed my dick with one hand wrapped around the shaft, and started rubbing the oiled palm of her other hand across the top. Guys, if you’ve never had this done, let me assure you, you don’t want it!

It was the most intense feeling in the world. A sort of intense tickle. I pulled on my tied up wrists so hard that my arms ached again. I practically, but not quite kicked Carla off my feet. I needed to get away. I was yelling, “Stop, Stop!” but she just kept right on going. It’s like you smash your elbow on a sharp surface, and hit your funnybone. But worse. And better. I can’t explain it, but it was very sexual. I couldn’t stand it, but it was kind of OK. I know you may not understand it. I didn’t. I still don’t.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, she stopped. She started working her thumb into the underside of my penis, just below the head, in little circles. Suddenly I was going to ejaculate. But again she stopped in the nick of time. And it was back to the palm rubbing. Again I was squirming, wiggling, straining and yelling. If anything, it was worse than the first time.

I felt some liquid. One of the girls must have seen it, and asked, “What was that, pee?”

No one seemed to know. I didn’t. There was a bit of ‘I’ve gotta pee’ feeling coming from my sister’s palm rubbing over my cockhead, but it was more like ‘I’m going to cum.’ So, maybe I must have let out some urine, involuntarily. To this day, I don’t know. I couldn’t really think about it. The rubbing feeling was just too intense, although it was slowly changing into something else. It wasn’t so terrible any more. My sister must have noticed that I stopped squirming so much, because she changed her grip, and the angle, bringing on the excruciating horrible tickle-like feeling again. But it wasn’t quite as intense as before, and started to feel more like orgasmic.

Then it happened. I came. There was nothing I could do about it. I was terribly horrified to have ejaculated in front of these four women, one being my sister, and it was registering on me just how bizarre this arrangement was with her working over me, her brother, like that.

But the situation was by no means finished. She kept going. She was still rubbing her palm over my penis, now being lubricated by my cum as well as the suntan oil. Back to excruciating. I kept yelling “Stop!” but she just kept going as if she was deaf. This was terrible again. I really, truly wanted her to stop. If I could have, I would have curled up in a little ball around my now totally sensitive penis. But I just couldn’t, and she kept going. She told me she wasn’t going to stop until my penis softened.

But the fucking thing refused to go flaccid. It was still as hard as it had ever been, and her attention was still totally awful! I was yelling and squirming hard. Or, maybe not quite as awful as it had been a minute earlier. Then, even though she was being as intense as ever, again the feeling slowly changed, and started to feel orgasmic again. Then I came again. It wasn’t embarrassing this time. It was amazing. It felt nice. And, somehow, unconsciously, I decided it wasn’t so bad having the girls looking on. Am I an exhibitionist? I guess I may have that component in my make up. Who knew?

Again, the excruciating rubbing of my cockhead. Like earlier on, now it was super-intense again, but fortunately, my dick softened up fairly soon, and she stopped.

Probably less than a minute after it was over, I wished it wasn’t. I wanted her to do more. I know that seems crazy, but I’m just reporting the truth.

Instead, she backed away from me, and the girls, including Lori with her phone, kind of retreated back to the other side of the pool.

After I recovered, they explained a part of what was going on that really freaked me out. Evidently, Lori wasn’t recording me in a video to play back later. She was running a live feed to one of those websites where people jerk off. My sister asked me if it was OK. But, the maddening part was what if I said ‘No?’ The feed had already happened. My sister collected a whole bunch of tokens from people viewing the website which she could redeem for money. Later she told me I had earned her $80.

I was pretty upset, actually freaked out about that, especially when they told me that 1,500 people had seen naked me, with my erection, getting rubbed so crazy wild by my own sister. People all over the world. I guess just to torture myself further, I later imagined 1,500 people gathered in one room, like an audience. How embarrassing is that? But the funny thing is I didn’t really feel embarrassed like I should have. I felt something akin to pride. I know that’s weird, but again, I’m just reporting the truth as I know it.

I was also happy that my sis had made some money.

So, when they attacked me again a couple of days later, I mostly faked the struggle, and let them tie me up more easily. However, when it came to the dick rubbing, it was as excruciating as ever. I hated it. I loved it. I don’t even know what to say about that.

As I mentioned, they’ve done it two more times since then, and it’s OK. Hell, I have to admit, better than OK. I made sure to be at the pool at the right times, and hinted that I wanted the repeat performances, while they hinted that the repeat performances were going to indeed happen. I can’t wait for them to do it again. Now you may think this is kind of odd, but the girls have never removed their bikinis. I have not seen any of them naked. They are lovely, and I’d fuck any one of them, maybe even my sister, in a heartbeat, but somehow what’s been happening is just right. I can’t explain why, and I have wondered about it, but they don’t need to be naked. I’m perfectly happy with the situation just as it is.

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