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Like Temple Grandin

My wife and I were in bed discussing this and that before we planned to fall asleep, as usual. We have settled down to where we don’t need to have sex every day.

I was talking about Temple Grandin. She’s a high-functioning autistic woman who has revolutionized the ranching business by designing more humane equipment for the treatment of animals. One of her best-known inventions is a squeeze frame. If you put a cow in a frame that wraps around their body and holds them firmly, they seem to calm down during whatever you have to do to them.

I once talked with a large animal veterinarian who told me cattle will sometimes eat barbed wire. They require surgery to remove it. He’d put a cow in a squeeze frame, and do the surgery on the side of the animal’s belly without anesthesia (or maybe with something topical on the skin), and the animal calmly just stood there and put up with all the action inside it’s belly.

She learned that from her own experience. While she didn’t enjoy being touched by other humans, she did discover that having her mattress or blankets wrapped firmly around her body calmed her. She designed a special bed that wrapped her tight.

As I was telling my wife, who knows I suffer from insomnia, she wondered if that might help me. She suggested she put her hand firmly over my balls as I try to fall asleep. I said “Sure,” and she did so. I also put my hand firmly against her vagina.

There we were, laying with each other’s hands on our genitals. She was kind of cupping my scrotum firmly. Not firmly enough to hurt. Far from it. But comfortably firm. Her hand was so warm and nice. Of course I had an erection in no time, but we both ignored that.

The next thing I knew, light was streaming in through the curtains. I had fallen asleep quickly and peacefully with her holding my scrotum, erection and all. Of course by morning, her hand was no longer on me. I didn’t even know one could fall asleep with a hardon.

Now we do that once or twice a week. Anytime I’m feeling rattled by the day’s events, or she’s a bit upset by something, we do that for each other. It’s wonderful.

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