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Like Shaolins

I attend a dojo where I’m learning to be a protector. I’d like to be strong, and able to defuse any altercation, even if my physical participation is required.

Fortunately our sensei, our instructor, is like-minded. He strongly believes in violence only in defense, never in offense.

To that end, we work not only on physical feats that would help us in a fight, but also NVC – Non-Violent Communication. Sensei is also very open-minded, always willing to explore new techniques.

Our dojo is in an old school building. Some of the other classrooms used to be for other adult education, such as pottery making and GED. These days, the only tenant left in the building is our dojo. We have the whole building to ourselves including the gym and showers.

It started before I came to the school. What I’m talking about is that after our sessions, we all shower together. We’ve all become good friends and so the communal showers are wonderful. They’re freeing. So much so that some of us will masturbate while sitting on the benches in the locker room and conversing.

I was delightfully shocked when I first saw it. In my first couple of weeks there, I was hanging out in the locker room, naked like the other guys. I had already learned that it was OK to be erect among the sensei and the other students, since I had seen several of them in that state. But on that day, I was talking with George about motorcycles or something, and as he was sitting there, he started idly stroking his erection. Right in front of me and the other people there!

Pretty soon, he drifted out of the conversation, in his own little world, and as the others of us continued our conversations, he tightened up, grunted, and sprayed sperm on the floor. The other guys didn’t pay any attention at all, other than a smile or two in George’s direction.

It took months before I was comfortable doing what George did in the locker room. But, once I finally felt free enough to do so, I was doing it all the time, and even did a bit of mutual jacking with some of the guys.

Sensei showed us YouTube videos from time to time of Shaolin monks and others who we aspired to emulate. One time, he showed us a video that included the monks hitting each other in the balls to toughen up that vulnerable area.

We discussed it a little in class, but later in the shower, we all discussed it in more detail. We decided that might be a good idea. All of us naked guys started playfully punching and lightly kicking each other in the balls. We got a little bolder, and started hitting each others balls harder until it started to hurt. A great time was had by all, and most of use were erect. Needless to say, all of us sat on the benches and had a nice circle jerk to end the evening. We repeated variations of this on many occasions. No one seems to have developed any more resistance to ball busting except for Sensei. I don’t know how he does it, but we can hit him in the balls pretty damn hard, and he doesn’t even wince.

Someone came up with the crazy idea of glans rubbing. Based on a Japanese technique called kitohzeme, also known as ‘apple polishing,’ we decided that the ability to withstand great discomfort is good for us.

To work on this technique, we have an old massage table in the locker room. We’ll take turns getting on the table, and being rubbed by another member of the group. The basic idea is that the guy on the table will be made erect. Then, oil is applied to the tip of his penis. The oil is also applied to the palm of one of the hands of the person who is going to administer the treatment. The administrator then wraps the fingers of one hand around the shaft of the recipient’s penis, and rubs that oiled palm over the tip of his penis.

If you’ve never had that done, you’re in for a real treat. Or, maybe it’s not a treat. It all depends on your perspective. It’s a crazy, horrible tickle sort of feeling. The man receiving the treatment will squirm and yell, and try to get away. Therefore, others in the group surround the massage table and hold him down.

At first, we used safewords. If a guy felt it was just too much, he could say ‘stop’ or something, to end the torment. Then, we decided since there’s no physical danger – you can’t get damaged, that we’d put an end to the use of safewords.

Well, there is one danger. One must use sufficient oil to avoid chaffing the glans. That’s sort of like sunburn. It can take a few days to heal. But with sufficient lubrication, it could potentially last all day without any harm whatsoever.

So anyway, we’ve taken to doing this to each other. Eventually, the torturous nature of the treatment changes into something more calm. After three or four minutes, it starts to feel really, really nice. It’s kind of a combination of a tickle, a gotta pee feeling, and a gonna cum feeling, but generally, we don’t ejaculate or urinate.

We have all done it at times, and we have all received it. Some are better at withstanding this torment than others.

However, I’ve seen all sorts of outcomes. Some guys will suddenly, involuntarily release urine. Some will cum. Most will stay dry, so to speak, but will endure the effect only with lots of yelling, laughing and carrying on. A few, like Sensei, and I’m proud to say, myself, can take it in total silence. Oh, sure we twist hard against the people holding us down, and we wince, making all sorts of interesting faces, but he and I can stay silent.

A few months ago, two college women wanted to join our dojo. The two of them were recently written up in our city newspaper for having apprehended a man who assaulted another man and stole his money. Evidently, without knowing any self-defense techniques, they managed to kick the shit out of the robber.

We discussed admitting them to the dojo with Sensei, and mutually decided that it would be sexist and just plain mean not to let them join. Besides, they were our kind of people: Protectors.

The issue, the elephant in the room, was what to do about our locker room situation. I swear, more good things came from the hour in the locker room after class than during class itself.

Sensei decided to take the matter head on. He informed the two women exactly what we do after class, and let them know they were invited. He also instructed all of us that nothing overtly sexual should happen. No one was to penetrate anyone’s anything with the exception of fingers. Those, we could put anywhere, with the recipients’ permission. It was good he had mentioned penetration, because there had been some joking and kidding around about anal sex, and no doubt it might have started happening among us guys if not regulated.

To my absolute delight, the two young women joined us young guys in our locker room activities. And, they fit right in! Whereas we guys were experimenting with ballbusting, the girls found that being kicked in the vagina was in ways similar. Just like with us guys, it was more play kicking. No one really hurt another guy’s balls, and of course we were gentle with the women. Too gentle. It took a little demonstration of one woman walloping the other really quite strongly for us to understand that we weren’t really hurting them.

As to the glans rubbing, the girls loved doing it to us. On the other hand, we’re still working on ways to give them something similar to ‘enjoy.’ So far, we’ve figured out that vaginal and anal stretching can have the desired effect. Now, us guys are stretching each other’s assholes as well with various numbers of fingers being inserted. That’s interesting, but not the same as glans rubbing. When done just right, rubbing a clitoris with fingertips seems to be somewhat similar. Another technique that seems to work is to put two fingers in a girl’s vagina, curl them forward, and rub the front wall fairly firmly. The problem is this rubs their g-spots, and so rather than being particularly hard to take, at least beyond the first minute, it gives them orgasms, and they just love it.

We’re just now figuring out something new. The girls helped us to come to this understanding. As you know, once a guy cums, his mood changes, and he’s all done. It’s the same with some, but not all, women. Therefore, post-orgasm stimulation can be very hard to take. You guessed it, we’re now learning to be strong when presented with post-orgasm stimulation.

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