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Lesbian at Thirteen

So I read that guy’s story about wrestling as a kid, and I guess I can tell y’all my story.

From around 13, I knew I was different, but at that age, it concerned me. I think all thirteen-year-olds want to be ‘normal.’ But I wasn’t. When I masturbated, my mind was on girls, not guys. Instead of being interested in clothing, cosmetics and feminine things, I’d much rather be learning how to back up a trailer with our tractor, for instance. Well actually, it was more of a riding mower, but I liked to think of it as a tractor. And I liked to think of our little 5-acre plot as a farm, even though It is mostly lawn and woods, with a little 1/4-acre garden. And that garden was all mine. I loved my garden. I’d do gardening, I talked gardening, and I dreamed gardening. That is, when I wasn’t dreaming about girls. These dreams often involved girls on tractors. [She laughs.]

I want to be a farmer when I grow up. Or more specifically, I kind of pictured myself involved with farm equipment. You know, repairing tractors, combines, hay baling equipment, and so on. I’m so much into farming that the other kids had taken to calling me ‘Digger.’ And, I hated that. Because it wasn’t normal.

In order to fit in, I tried out for the soccer team, and was accepted. So, I learned the sport, and I started to be accepted by the more popular girls, although I was still “Digger.”

Melody was one of the other girls on the team. I didn’t think much of her. She seemed all full of herself. Maybe it was more that she was just a girly-girl, popular, and confident. Here I was a rather unkempt wild, skinny, dark-skinned girl, and she was a sweet talking, pearly white-skinned thing with perfectly made up copper-blond hair. Plus, she already had breasts. Big breasts.

Now, my story really begins when one morning in history class, she leaned way across me, ostensibly to talk to a girl on the other side of my desk, but in the process, she nearly pressed her boobs almost into my face. At the time, I didn’t think much about it, other than, “There’s Melody being all rude again.”

But later, after soccer, she leaned into me again in the locker room, wearing just her bra, and her tits actually brushed up against my face. Well, her bra did. Again, I didn’t think much about it. But that night, I had a dream about her. She had been given a big green John Deere tractor as a birthday present, which she drove to school. Oh, how I wanted to drive that tractor. Just try it out. But no, she wouldn’t let me. But there was something about her boobs in the dream. I didn’t quite remember the details, but somehow, those annoying breasts of hers became more important than the tractor. When I woke up, I felt a certain wetness between my legs, and just had to masturbate.

Oh, yes, I had been rubbing myself and having orgasms since before I could remember. But here I was rubbing myself that morning with Melody front and center in my mind. Gosh, I was picturing her in a string bikini. Where did that come from?

Later that day, she found yet another excuse to brush up against me in the locker room after practice. I figured I might as well give her what she wanted. I’m like that. I try to find out what makes people happy, and give it to them. So, I complimented her figure. I told her she was the best looking girl in school, and had ‘well-formed’ breasts. She positively glowed when I said that.

The next day, she sat next to me at lunch. This was cool. The most popular girl in school sat down next to me, and a couple of her also-popular friends joined us. When no one was paying attention, she whispered in my ear, “I’d like to repay you.”

I didn’t understand, and was quite curious as to what I had done that might merit repayment? Maybe she was mad at me about something and wanted to ‘repay’ me in a bad way. But lunch was over, and I couldn’t ask. Over the entire weekend I wondered, but found out, finally, on Monday.

At the end of gym class, Melody asked me to hang out for a minute, and so I sat there on the bench, while she went over to the door to the shower and bathroom, and checked that everyone else had already left. She then came back and said, “I want to repay you for that wonderful compliment.”

I asked what she meant and how she wanted to repay me. She reminded me that I complimented her breasts, and she claimed that really livened up her day. She wanted to offer repayment. She pretended to think about it for a moment, then she said, “I’d like to give you a massage.”

Well, I’m not one to turn down a massage. My family gives me massages, and I massage them all the time. With underwear on, of course. For a second, I had a wicked thought about Melody and I giving each other massages without clothes.

We worked out the details, and the next afternoon found me at her house. We went to her bedroom, and she had me remove my outer clothing, and lay face down on her bed. Oddly, she seemed to be shaking a bit. and I could hear some unsteadiness in her voice. No one else was home, yet she was practically whispering. I removed my jacket and shoes, but she suggested I strip down to my bra and panties. After all, we had seen each other that way in the gym, and it was a massage. So I did, and for some reason, I had inherited her nervousness. I was kind of feeling rubbery legs. OMG, I was attracted to her! Melody – the girl who used to annoy me!

My mom told me more than once that I might have what she called ‘lesbian tendencies’ and that I shouldn’t worry. I never knew until this moment exactly what she meant. However, to this day, I wonder how she knew.

Melody had stripped down to her underwear as well, even though supposedly, it was going to be her giving me a massage. I noticed the degree to which her boobs filled out her bra.

Melody climbed over me on the bed, so she was kind of kneeling on me. One knee was on each side of my waist, and her butt was sitting on my upper legs. She started with my neck and shoulders, and started working her way out my arms, ending up at my hands. I have to say, I’m a sucker for hand massage, and she did it like an expert. I think I might of exhaled in an almost-moan of joy at the nice touch. She pitched forward impulsively, so her face was on the bed next to mine, looked me directly in the eyes, and kissed me! And I kissed her back, and we kept on kissing for a very long time.

At some point, we returned to the massage idea. She was once again kneeling on top of me, with her legs on either side, and she was working on my shoulders, neck and upper arms. My, it felt nice! I felt her unclasp my bra, and I was concerned! Not about the sexuality that so obviously unfolding. The thing is, I didn’t want her to know that my bra was padded, and my tits were really, well, not much, at least not back then.

Melody massaged my back where my bra strap had been. It just felt so intimate. If nothing more had happened, that would have been nice. But much more did happen. She had me out of my underpants quickly and had my spread my legs wide. She commented on how attractive she thought my asshole was. I orgasmed from hearing that. And she hadn’t even touched me in any sexual way – yet.

I don’t know whether she realized at that point that I had cum. She started lightly stroking a finger through my ass crack, running it directly over my asshole, and as much pussy as she could reach.

After a minute, she quietly instructed, “Roll over.” I really didn’t want her to see my boobs, which weren’t ‘boobs’ at all, but just little pointy dark nipples on a nearly flat chest. But the sexuality rolling through me and causing my stomach and lower body to fill with waves of hormonal horniness, overcame my shyness.

Melody didn’t waste time. She repositioned herself so her own pussy, which now, seemingly magically, had become bare, was over my face. I was so blissed out already that I didn’t see her take off her own bra and panties.

I knew immediately what I had to do, what I was compelled to do beyond any reasonable thinking. I started licking her wonderful pussy, as at the same moment, I felt her tongue on my vagina. I remember thinking how much hairier she was down there than I was at the time. I guess I was kind of a late-bloomer, because I had like three curly dark hairs down there. That’s all. I had trouble at first finding her inner folds and clit among all that hair.

In all my masturbatory life, I had never had more than one orgasm during a session. That day, with Melody, I had so many orgasms I lost count. I didn’t even know multiple orgasms were a thing.

She and I spend a lot of time together and have been sexual many times since. Once I learned how much she loves two massage-oil covered fingers being jammed unceremoniously in and out of her butt, I had to try the same thing, and discovered yet another way to have orgasms. Deep, body-satisfying orgasms.

I believe Melody and I have a long orgasmic life ahead of us. We’ve become sort of an item at school. Now we’re in high school. I used to be so worried about what people would think, what they might do. Truth is, they’ve celebrated us! We are like mini-movie stars at school. She and I, to my surprise, are among the most popular.

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  1. I like to read about first time stories. I had a friend with a 13 year old daughter, one day I stop to visit. I asked her where her daughter was, she told me in her bedroom practicing making out with her friend. She answered my raised eyebrow, telling me that all girls try our kissing and touching each other before they try it with boys. Great mother.

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