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Laurie’s Latest Experiments

Laurie's latest sexual experiments

I’m so happy to have met Marty. He and I are like-minded, especially about playful sex. Oh, we could fuck like everyone else, and come to think of it, we do, quite often. However, we both enjoy all kinds of sexual experimentation.

Like, right off the bat, on our very first date, I had him butt-fuck me. That wasn’t new for either one of us, but it set the tone for what was to cum.

I have a thing for stretching. We are currently working on a few variations:

I want Marty to anally fist me. So far, he has managed four fingers, but exciting thought it is, anything more just hurts too much. I think we’ll succeed one of these days.

I’ve seen a couple of women on the Internet who can actually be fucked in their urethras. One woman calls herself “Debbie Four-Holes.” This chick can take a dick all the way into her bladder. I’ve so got to experience that! So far, Marty has been able to stick a Sharpie, that’s a marking pen that’s about 1/2-inch in diameter, part-way into my urethra. It does sting when I pee for the next day or two, but it’s worth it. We’re going to have to stretch it a lot more before he can put his big, fat dick in me. But, I so want that!

We tried another experiment in which he tried peeing into my bladder, but my peehole wouldn’t cooperate. None of his urine got in me. It just splattered off to the sides.

I’m also interested in vaginal stretching. He can only get three fingers in there, so far, but boy, oh boy, do I have orgasms when he tries! I’m told that women who have worked on vaginal stretching who later have babies, find the delivery experience much less painful. In fact, a few have said they orgasmed just as the baby was coming out. Who knows, that may happen to me some day.

Marty has been playing with what he calls ‘dry orgasms.’ He likes me to jerk him off, and he’ll try to orgasm without cumming. So far, he’s been mostly unsuccessful. He tells me that he has orgasmic contractions for a few seconds, then can settle back down, but along about the second time he goes into orgasm, the cum just shoots out of him. He tried cumming into my urethra, but that too, did not work.

He’s tried dry orgasming in me, but that hasn’t resulted in anything so far. He just cums, and that’s that. It’s not very satisfying for me, but then he always makes up for it with a good tongue licking. Oh, and he’s been trying to press his tongue into my peehole also. That feels really nice, but I don’t think he makes it in even a quarter-inch – so far.

We are a work in progress.

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