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Kyle’s Massage

Basketball player Kyle's happy ending massage

Our young man, Kyle, is 19 years old, quite tall, and attending college on a basketball scholarship. Not quite a major basketball star, but possibly headed that way. He’s studious, and wants to become a surgeon so he can help in third-world countries. He figures if he makes it big in basketball, he’ll be able to afford offering his medical service for free.

His well-known coach has come up with some screwball plan to help his athletes. The coach said during a recent practice that they were ‘dragging around the court like a bunch of old ladies.’ He feels they need to control the timing of their ejaculations. To that end, he has arranged for two massage practitioners, a man and a woman, to give massages to each team member, in trade for them not jerking off or having sex right before games. The coach went on to insinuate with a wry smile, that these massages would be quite ‘intimate.’

The massages are mandatory. The young men were given a choice of the male or female massage practitioner. Kyle choose the female, but got the male.

Kyle stood before Jackson, the short, white, middle-aged, balding, but well-muscled masseur, in the little room, as Jackson explained that since there were only the two practitioners, and most of the guys picked the woman, Kyle was stuck with him.

Kyle was still under the belief that the ‘handjob’ part of the massage to which the coach alluded was probably a joke, or exaggerated, or something. Still, his heart did flip-flops in a sort of fear, of what might happen.

Jackson instructed Kyle to remove his clothing. Kyle stopped at his underpants.

“Come on young man, it’s not like I haven’t seen male junk before.”

Reluctantly, Kyle stepped out of his briefs, revealing what seemed like an extra large penis. It was somewhat larger than average, but mostly an illusion. Being black and uncircumcised, it naturally looked larger than someone, at least a circumcised white person, might expect.

Jackson instructed Kyle to hop up on the massage table. He then covered Kyle’s butt with a sheet.

Jackson put some warm oil on his hands and went to work on Kyle’s back. Kyle, who had never had a massage before, found it a bit strange. Being touched so firmly and for more than a split second by a guy was a new experience. It geeked him out a bit. But after a moment, he started to settle down, and discovered that the warm hands on his shoulders and back were rather nice.

The massage continued to his upper arms, his lower arms, then his hands. Jackson paid particular attention to pressing firmly into the palms of Kyle’s hands, which Kyle found strangely likable. Almost erotic. He’d have to remember that for when he’d have a girlfriend. He felt a slight stirring in his cock, which was squished under his body on the table. He figured it was because he was thinking about a girl.

Jackson worked on Kyle’s upper legs, then lower legs, then his feet.

‘This massage stuff isn’t such a bad thing,’ Kyle was starting to believe.

Jackson moved to Kyle’s lower back, which he hadn’t really touched during the first part of the massage. In order to reach lower, he removed the towel. Kyle was becoming so blissed out, that he didn’t really care that he was being intimately touched by a man, even when he realized the guy was kneading his butt. It was rather nice, actually.

Jackson moved down Kyle’s butt to his very upper legs. He pushed the legs apart somewhat, and started massaging in an area that Kyle had never really noticed on himself before. It was the area between the very top of his legs, on either side of his balls. It felt really nice.

Occasionally Jackson touched Kyle’s scrotum, which had a sort of delicious electric tickle effect. You’d think Kyle would have found that too ‘gay’ or something, but he was too far gone in the enjoyment of the process to care.

It came to Kyle’s awareness that Jackson had stopped. “Turn over,” Jackson commanded in a quiet voice.

Kyle was all set to comply, but then he realized his penis had somehow become quite erect under his belly. How could he possibly reveal that to Jackson? No fucking way. That would be way too embarrassing.

“Come on young man.”

Still, Kyle laid face down, perfectly still on the table. His mind was moving at 100 miles an hour. How to get out of this predicament?

“It’s your time you’re wasting, and I believe you’ll want to get the most out of this session. Don’t worry, I’ve seen everything.”

It took a moment for the words to sink in, but Kyle, who’s heart was racing, understood that Jackson was referring to his erection, saying he’s seen erections before. Well, it did make sense under the circumstances. Men might get erections in a situation like this. It didn’t mean anything, did it?

Kyle rolled over, letting Jackson see his erection sticking straight up from his body. He was so erect the foreskin had partially uncovered his glans without having been pulled down.

Jackson ignored it entirely, continuing his massage on Kyle’s neck, shoulders, arms, and then his legs and feet. At that point he stopped, putting some more warm oil on his hands.

He reached forward, and with his fingertips, he ever so lightly touched Kyle’s scrotum. He continued to touch that wrinkled but tightly bunched scrotum for a good minute. Kyle couldn’t help himself, uttering “Mmmm,” a couple of times.

Jackson knew. Most of the young men were like this. They pretended they weren’t interested in being touched by a man. Or maybe, they really didn’t think they wanted it. But in the end, they all enjoyed it very much. He proceeded to cup Kyle’s balls in his hands, and was earnestly massaging his balls now. Not enough to hurt the athlete, not even close, but enough to let the kid know he was alive. To feel a unique sensation and really enjoy it.

Now it was time for the handjob itself. Jackson wrapped his fingers around Kyle’s penis in a very solid and confident way. He planned to merely hold the warm, attractive penis in his hand for a minute before starting in on the actual handjob. As is often the case, things didn’t go as planned. Kyle started pulsing right there in Jackson’s hand, and a moment later, sperm was squirting a few inches up into the air, and falling down on the masseur’s hand, and the athlete’s belly.

“Oh, my god! Oh fuck! That was amazing!” Kyle exclaimed after Jackson had gently wiped up the cum, and a moment of recovery time.

“I’m glad you enjoyed that.”

A week later, another email came from the athletic department letting Kyle know another massage was scheduled. Again Kyle had to pick a male or female practitioner. He picked Jackson.

The funny thing is, all the guys who had Jackson picked him again, so this time Kyle was stuck with the other practitioner, Cindy.

Kyle was surprisingly disappointed when he discovered it would be her instead of Jackson. Surely she wouldn’t be as good as Jackson had been.

He was even more reluctant to take his clothes off in front of her. She was a blond-haired white woman in her late thirties. She was reminiscent of Loretta Swit who played “Hotlips Houlahan” in the old TV series M*A*S*H. Even though she was nearly twice his age, he found her attractive. He kind of had a ‘thing’ for white women, especially blonds.

She got him naked on the table, and for some reason, he was even more reluctant to have an erection in front of her than he had been with Jackson. But it was unavoidable. No sooner did she start in on his neck, then he had to shift his position on the table to accommodate his growing penis.

Just like Jackson had done when working on Kyle’s legs, she had him spread them so she could reach that area that’s the bottom of his butt, or top of the legs. But she kept brushing her forefinger directly over his anus. Kyle found that absolutely delicious and probably would have orgasmed if she had kept it up.

Instead, she had him turn over, and there he was again, on a massage table, with a rock-hard penis sticking seven inches straight up into the air. Unlike Jackson who was mostly a silent individual, Cindy had been uttering little compliments about Kyle’s muscles, his smooth skin, his flat belly, and so on. Now, with seeming obvious delight, she said, “Great penis, Kyle!”

She hadn’t yet touched it, but that’s all it took. All by itself, it started bobbing up and down, and sperm started gushing out the top.

“Oh, hair trigger I see,” she said, laughing gently. “We’ll have to work on that. I’ll see you again next week. I can write a recommendation. It’s like a prescription for extra massage sessions.”

And with that, she helped him clean up, and since his knees were weak she also supported him by his arm as he put his underwear and then the rest of his clothing on.

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