Katie, My Cousin


“Keep his stomach full, and his balls empty:” – that’s old colloquial advice to young wives. The meaning is that if he is well fed, and sexually satisfied, he is less likely to be unfaithful.

Kellogg, Dr. John Harvey – avid anti-masturbationist

Kegels – PC muscle exercises


Ketchup – Male point of view memoir

Kid, Feeling Like a Kid Among Adults – Male-male, embarrassing

Kid, Surprising – Adult-Youth, Male POV

King of Tonga – slept with 37,800 women

Kink – information

kitouzeme – A Japanese term for glans rubbing, often loosely translated to ‘glans blame.’

Knowing a Thing is Possible Makes it Easier to Learn – going way beyond ordinary orgasms for men and women

Korean Small Penis Bao

Kylee – Male Point of view

Kyle’s Massage

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