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Just Smile

sexually assaulted in high school

My dad was transferred once again, and so once again, I was the new boy.

It doesn’t help that I’m slim and small. Being studious isn’t great for my social life either. I mean, school is free. You might as well take as much as you can get!

So starting at this new school, the first three days were typical. No attempts at teasing yet. The kids had to figure out who I was. They always take a few days to find out what you’re like before they start in.

Then the fourth day…

It was in the main hallway between classes. Two big guys came up, all smiles, pretending they wanted to be friends. I knew something was coming. At minimum, they’d throw my notebook down on the floor. But it might be worse. Maybe a slushy to the face like in Glee. Maybe punches to the stomach. Well they could try, but with three years of mixed martial arts lessons, they might find themselves flying against the wall instead. It’s happened before.

It took only a moment to figure out what these two idiots had planned. They tried pulling down my pants in front of everyone. My belt prevented that, so one of them actually fiddled with my belt buckle until it came loose. Then my pants were down. The other guy, probably a secretly gay kid, immediately pulled down my underwear.

So there I was in the crowded hallway with my privates exposed to like a hundred boys and girls, and I suppose a couple of teachers, too.

What does one do in such a situation? I don’t know what someone else might do, but what I did is I smiled. Then, I started touching my penis. I only had time to bring myself to a half erection in front of everyone, as I saw two teachers rapidly approaching.

I figured I was in trouble, but it was worth it. I pulled up my pants and the two teachers escorted me to the office. Of course. What else could they do?

Nothing was said about my little semi-masturbation demonstration. Actually, I had in mind to be discrete about it, so no one could really say whether I was masturbating, or just maybe sort of trying to, well, I don’t know, maybe take care of an itch or something.

I was all set for a lecture. Maybe they’d phone my dad, even. Nope. They were all over me like worried relatives. They realized I was the victim here. They knew the boys who had accosted me, and said that ‘justice would be served.’ I was sent on to my next class.

Days later, my status was affirmed. I had girls and guys surrounding me, wanting to invite me to their homes, to have me join their clubs, and so on.

The two boys who had stripped me were gone for a few days. I suppose they were suspended. When they returned, the one who took down my underwear apologized profusely. Then, putting his face very close to mine, he whispered, “You have a nice looking cock.” I have a feeling I’ll be seeing more of him, and I’m kind of looking forward to it. It would not be the first time I’ve masturbated with another guy. Maybe he’ll even suck me off. He owes me at least that much.

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