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Juggling Club

Male solo-sexual play with a juggling club

I had recently taken up the sport of juggling and bought a set of three juggling clubs. These things were about 20 inches long, made from thick but hollow plastic, with a spherical knob at the end about an inch in diameter.

For the longest time, I wondered if one could be popped into an ass. My ass, specifically.

So one, cold winter night, when it was nice and warm inside, and my roommate was gone for the night, I had to play. It was my one-time fetish. I had been building up to trying this for a long time.

I got naked. Just having the run of the basement apartment with no clothes on was a rare treat. I became erect immediately.

I looked around the apartment, and the only lubricant I could find was Vaseline. It would have to do.

Standing in the living room, I coated the knob of a juggling club with Vaseline. For good measure, I stuck my greasy finger an inch into my ass and rubbed the Vaseline around in there also.

Then, it was time to get to work. I touched the knob end of the club to my anus. It was deliciously cold. My penis, already erect, got even harder. I pressed a little bit, but it wasn’t going in. At least not easily.

Realizing that the standing position may not be the best way to accomplish my task, I went to my bedroom, and laid face down on the bed. Again, I pressed the knob against my anus. I pressed quite hard, but it wasn’t going in. Oh, well, I was prepared to give up, and just jerk off to a nice orgasm.

As I started to get off the bed, I realized that if I would place the juggling club on the floor, then sit down slowly and carefully, it might just go in. So I did that, and I felt my anus slowly slipping open. What an interesting feeling! Then, almost with a pop, the club slipped fully in. I should have enjoyed it, but instead, it kind of scared me. So, I tried to pull the club out. It was quite firmly being held in by my anal sphincter. It took me over a minute to relax enough, and finally, with a bit of a pooping force, I was able to extract the club. That action felt nice.

My ass wasn’t hurting or anything, so I decided to stick the club back in. This time, it went in more easily, although I still enjoyed the very wide feeling of my anus as the knob slipped through. Oddly, my eyes felt like they were opening very widely at the same time.

I noticed the club could just hang there. That was exciting. I started walking around the apartment with the bulk of the juggling club hanging out my ass, like a tail. I walked around some more, just enjoying the feeling as the club swayed and bounced back and forth, slightly rotating and pulling the knob within my butt.

Without warning, that ‘gonna-cum’ feeling overtook me, and I ejaculated immediately, and I hadn’t even touched my dick. Quite a bit of cum spilled on the carpet. I got some toilet paper to wipe it up, with the club still trapped in my rectum. It turns out you can’t use toilet paper to wipe up carpet. It breaks into little pieces. So, I walked to the kitchen, with the club still hanging out of me, and found some paper towels.

Finally, the mess on the carpet was cleaned. I noticed my penis had stayed hard, and the club still felt nice in my butt. But I was also starting to sting just a little bit. Reluctantly, I pulled it out. As I cleaned the knob with a paper towel, I was surprised to find how warm it had become. 98.6, just like me.

After cleaning, the club still smelled. Not like poop, but a sweeter anal secretion smell, much like a girl’s anus. I had to clean the club more thoroughly before the odor went away.

Meanwhile, I was getting horny all over again. After putting the club away, I jerked off to my second ejaculation of the day, before falling asleep naked and happy in my bed.

I’ve never done that since, but have found many other interesting masturbatory pursuits.

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  1. nice, because i’ve tried lots of objects in my vagina while having things in my butt. then masturbating my clit. delish.

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