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Jenelle’s Best Orgasm

Jenelle here, using my brother’s account. He thought I might like to report this, and he was right.

He and I had been talking about an experience I had recently had with a new boyfriend. I had been telling Jeremy about how this guy refused to fuck me, fearing pregnancy, or maybe STDs, so instead he put two fingers in my puss, promising he’d get me off big-time. He curled his fingers forward against the inside front wall of my cunt and just started rubbing rather firmly. It wasn’t even a minute before I was orgasming as hard as I ever had in my life. The only thing was, as much as I begged him to press even harder, he was afraid of hurting me. So, it was just one glorious orgasm, but it could have been two or more.

So, there I was telling Jeremy, and he offered to do it ‘right.’ How can a twin sister refuse that?

In moments, Jeremy was naked and sporting an erection, as was I. Well, I was naked, but no erection, of course.

However, I wasn’t going to need lube. I’m generally wet anyway, being of Filipino descent. Us girls have always literally left puddles after a good fucking, or even just a masturbation (Benefits of Wanking) session.

Well, to make a long story short, Jeremy went to town, and by God, he did press hard as he rubbed against the front wall of my vagina. It was hurting a bit, but that just made it better. I came. I came so fucking hard! It was the best orgasm, or series of orgasms actually, of my life. I swear it lasted over a minute as I was cumming in wave after wave.

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