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Jason’s Mother

Public domain from, not the actual people in the story

It took me a while to get around to discussing my problem with my friend Jason’s mother, Mrs. Snyder. It was something I just couldn’t bring up with my own parents. No way.

Finally, when she could see the unbearable pain of concern and embarrassment in my face, she just said, “Just come out with it, you can tell me.”

“Well, I don’t think I ejaculate enough.”

“Um… oh… ah… Don’t you think you ought to take this up with your own parents?”

“I couldn’t possibly.”

“I understand. So you’re talking about masturbating, right? Jason masturbates daily, how often do you?”

That was more information than I needed to know! Er, actually, that was very interesting information indeed!

“No, I mean, the volume, the amount that comes out.”

“Well, how much does come out?”

“I can’t really describe it, maybe a half-teaspoonful.”

“Well, that seems normal enough.”

“I don’t know. I’m kind of worried. What if I could never get a girl pregnant?”

“I’m sure you’re fine.”

“Well, it worries me. I think about it all the time.”

“So, if you know you cum, sorry, I mean ejaculate, enough, then your mind will be at ease?”

“Well I suppose so.”

“OK, Ok, My husband and kids are out. No one’s around. Let’s take care of this. And, if you ever tell anyone, I’ll tell Jason you’re gay.”

“I’m not gay!”

“I know, or at least I figured, but still, I’ll tell Jason. So, what’s about to happen is our little secret, OK?”


“Hey, watch your mouth, young man!”

“Um, sorry.”

“So, drop them.”


“Lose your pants.”

I knew she was serious, so reluctantly, and strangely embarrassed, I did as she said.

“T-Shirt too.”


“Because I want it that way.”

“Um, OK.”

She instructed me to lay on her sofa, as she got down on the floor to watch me. So here I was, with Mrs. Snyder looking directly at my dick. She was hot, very hot, for an older lady. You’d think I’d have a boner a foot long, but I think the weirdness of the situation, combined with my concern about the problem, was overwhelming. I tried getting my dick hard, but it simply wasn’t happening.

“Enough of this silliness,” she mumbled, reached out, pushed my hand away from my soft willy, and took over.

My, that felt extraordinary! I wanted it to last all day, but within 30 seconds, my dick swelled up to its full length, and I was ejaculating in Mrs. Snyder’s hand.

“You’re normal. That’s all that comes out of my husband. That’s all that Jason gets.”

The next thing I knew, my pants were back on, I was at home in my bedroom trying to sort out all that had just happened. In the process, I started jerking off again, almost without realizing it, as I relived the scene in my head. Within moments, I came again, greatly relieved that my amount of cum was normal, but also so totally excited about what happened with Mrs. Snyder.

However, the event opened up some huge questions in my mind that I was to ponder for weeks to come:

1. What exactly went on in that family that she knew how much Jason ejaculated?

2. Did she enjoy what had happened with her and me? Did she participate in setting it up, like maybe some subtle psychology so I had to confess my concern to her, and some sort of mind game so I’d do that with her? I doubted it, but did wonder.

3. Will anything like that, or even something more, ever happen again?

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