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Janet’s Shocking Surprise

Janet's Big Surprise

My friend Zachary’s hobby is macro-photography. He takes amazing close-ups. I was looking at some a few months back and asking what they were. “Housefly wing.” “This is what Scotch tape looks like under a microscope.” One seemed to be some sort of black fibres covering a slightly rounded surface against a blue background. I asked what it was.

“That’s Janet’s pubic hair.”

Woah! My heard skipped a bunch of beats, and took me a moment before I could reply. I had seen his sister Janet around. Like Zac, she was very black – Sidney Poitier, Oprah Winfrey-black. She was short, perhaps 5′ 3,” slim, had short curly hair, and had a very engaging smile. Her breasts were quite small, only adding to her somewhat boyish attractiveness.

I’d say she is pretty much the opposite of me. I’m too tall at 6′ 4,” unathletically skinny, and with my light skin and blond hair, which I hate, I feel I am kind of weak-looking. Oh, I suppose if I think logically, I realize there are guys worse-looking than me, but still, I feel awkward. Maybe that’s why she is so attractive to me.

She is totally different. Not only in appearance, but in her activities. She is in her first year of medical school, and loves to play tennis. All I do is write computer software for my own little struggling company.

That evening I masturbated heartily, thinking that she and her brother must have had a wonderful time when he took that picture, and wondering exactly what they might have done. Did they pose for each other? Did he touch her vagina? Did he see her anus? Did they masturbate together, or maybe even masturbate each other? Do they do it often?

As my friendship with Zac grew, my mind would often wander back to that photograph, and being shy as I am, I never asked, and never struck up a conversation with Janet.

One day, she approached me. It seems she has been playing tennis with a partner at six in the morning, but this semester, he has an early class. She heard that I played a bit of tennis, and wanted to know if I’d fill in. Well, tennis is the only sport I have played, and I don’t do it all that well, so I told her I’d be a poor choice, but willing to try.

The next morning, there we were on the court. I found I could return her serves, but in any sort of rally, she instantly had me running all over the court. She seems to have an eye for where I’m not, and can always put the ball there. Well, to cut to the chase, we met on the tennis court every day, and started becoming more comfortable with each other. She started inviting me to her little studio apartment after tennis for a cup of coffee.

I was totally smitten, but too shy to do anything. At first. In time, things changed. We started kissing and petting. I have to say, that with most women, I have never enjoyed French kissing, but with Janet, something is just right. She tastes exactly right, smells lovely – I mean, there’s some real chemistry.

I started trying to push things farther. I’d feel up her tiny little breasts, which were really more like just nipples, and she didn’t object. I would work my hand under her bra (there was a lot of room) I could feel her nipples get hard in my fingertips. But when I tried to put my hand in her pants, she stopped me. Every time.

This went on for a month or so, and we kept on kissing and petting, but went no further. It was driving me crazy, and I didn’t understand. She seemed to enjoy my company as much as I enjoyed hers. But, we couldn’t get beyond second base. What was up with that?

Another month, and I finally lost it. I got mad at her one morning. I started saying, much too loudly, “Hey! Why are you always stopping? Don’t you like me? What’s up?”

That’s when Janet broke down in tears. “I’ve got a big secret, and I’m afraid if you find out, you’ll go away forever.”

I told her there’s nothing that could drive me away other than another boyfriend, but that was not it. I didn’t know what ‘it’ was, because that’s all she would tell me between her sobs that day, and I didn’t press it. Oh, but I wondered what it could be. Was she a lesbian? Was she asexual? Had she been sexually assaulted as a child, and therefore sexually messed up? Was she having sex with her brother?

Later I found out it wasn’t her brother, at least. Well, they have masturbated together and masturbated each other on numerous occasions, but that wasn’t the big secret.

Yet another month passed, and I got frustrated again. I threatened to leave and never look back. More tears. Then, she surprised the heck out of me.

“OK, here’s my secret!” And with that, in one quick motion, she pulled down her pants and panties.

I saw her totally attractive naked self for the first time, and couldn’t imagine what she was trying to tell me. She was even more beautiful than I had imagined. Then I looked closer. Weird! Her clit was sticking out of her labia, but pretty much hidden under the hair. It was like an inch long and as big around as my thumb!

Suddenly, it dawned on me. Janet was intersexed. A hermaphrodite!

Janet's amazing big clit

We talked and talked. She has been afraid to reveal this to anyone since before she could remember. The only ones who know are her parents, her doctor, and her brother.

I told her that not only was her situation NOT a deal-breaker, it made her even more endearing to me! I loved seeing that big clit. It took me an hour to convince her. At one point, one of the things I did – not very romantic, I’ll admit, is that I pulled down my own pants and showed her my extremely hard erection, letting her know that she caused that.

Crude though that gesture was, it seemed to help her understand that she was no monster. She was totally, extremely attractive to me.

Fast forward another month to now: We are planning to get married. We have had all the usual sex, of which she is totally capable, but we particularly love masturbating each other. When I stroke her huge clit, it grows to about 1.5 inches long. It has a glans or head, much like a little penis, although it doesn’t have the loose skin that can be moved up and down like a real penis. If you could see it in cross section, it is not totally round. The bottom is like a piece of piece of pie missing. Whereas the bottom side of my penis is a third, softer section, her dorsal third missing, so it’s more like a slot. Of course she doesn’t ejaculate from it, but she does get very, very wet when she orgasms.

I particularly enjoy pushing my left index finger all the way into her asshole while I fondle her clit with the fingertips of my right hand. I can do it for hours, and she’ll have two, three, and sometimes even four orgasms. Then, she’ll turn around and stroke me lovingly, taking me to the brink of orgasm several times before finally hauling me over the edge.

Yes, we’re going to be married. I can’t wait to see if any of our children inherit the trait.

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