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It Helps Being a Waitress

It Helps Being A Waitress, Short Weirdly Erotic Tale

It helps being a waitress. I run into new guys, scores of them, every day. And almost every day, during a slow time, I’ll slip into a chair or into the booth next to a guy, and start a conversation.

My landlady must think I’m a huge nymphomaniac. But I’m not really. Or, maybe I am. [She laughs].

You see, I just love seeing the sperm come out of a guy’s penis. I don’t know why, but that really, really turns me on. At the same time, I’d probably feel sick if that stuff was shot up into my VJJ. Weird I know, but hey, It’s who I am.

So, I strike up a conversation with these guys. It doesn’t take me long to say that I love giving handjobs. It used to bother me so much it took me ten minutes or more to work up to saying that. Not anymore. Probably 90 percent of the guys accept my invitation.

They come knocking on my door around 7pm, an hour and a half after my shift. I let them in. Sometimes I offer some wine. Sometimes, we get right down to business. I want them totally nude. I keep my clothes on. For some reason, even though the guys generally balk and carry on, eventually they’re naked and compliant, and I am not. Then I give them a lovely handjob. Plain as that. And they cum. I’m delighted, although every now and then I miss noticing entirely. That bothers me. I really like seeing the cum spurting out. A guy doesn’t have to cum volumes. Just a few drips do the job for me!

A couple of times it turned into a bit of a tussle. Some of the guys want, maybe even expect more, even though I make it really clear. However, I just tell them they’ll get a handjob first, then ‘we’ll see.’ So far, every one has settled down after cumming. They are done. They just want to go home. I’m very happy with that. They thank me, and leave. I eat a little dinner, watch some TV, maybe rub myself to orgasm, maybe not, then I go to bed. That’s that!

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  1. What you enjoy seeing come out of a guy’s penis is semen. True there is some sperm in there too but something less than 5% of a cum load is sperm.

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