Ickiest Thing

Imagine My Surprise – Female POV

Implants – Implanted testicles in the early 20th century

Important Video – Male POV

Impulsive Sister – Family, Male POV

Incest: All In The Family – Female point of view story

Incest: Brother on Asshole – female point of view

Incest: Brother’s Handjob – Story, female point of view

Incest: Fisting My Sister – Male POV

Incest – Rubbing My Brother’s Glans

Incest – Young Brother-Sister Play

Incest, The Family that Cums Together – Male point of view story

In Front of 621 People – Story, male point of view

Inguinal Canals: – Short passageways in a male’s body above the testicles. When a fetus is developing the testicles are formed above the scrotum, and usually drop down into the scrotum before birth. Most males can pull or push their testicles momentarily back up into the inguinal canals. Also see Tucking.

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Injaculation Play with Nancy – Memoir

Injaculation, Blocked Ejaculation – Young male memoir

Injuries, Comparing – MMF threesome

Ink – Genital Tattoos

Inner Clitoris

Inner Labia – Female POV

Instruction on the Beach

Intactivist: A person who opposes circumcision.

Integration – One boy’s middle school experience

Intense Glans Rubbing – Male-male

Intense Tickle – heterosexual short technique memoir

Intercourse, Anal

Intercrural sex: The act of placing a penis between the partner’s thighs rather than penetrative sex. Also known as ‘interfemoral sex,’ ‘coitus interfemoris,’ and ‘thigh sex.’

Intergluteal Cleft: Ass crack.


Interview With an Extraordinary 87-year-old Man

Invalid Sister – Male POV, poignant

Invention Perfect for Lesbians

Involuntary Urination

Ithyphallophobia: Fear of erections – thinking of, seeing or having them.

Ivy League Rub

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