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Hypospadias is a congenital condition in which the urethra in the male penis is not fully formed and does not fully extend to the tip of the penis. In very minor cases, the meatus (peehole) is not quite centered at the tip of the penis. In more severe cases, distal hypospadias, the urethra opens near the glans on the underside of the penis. In promixmal hypospadias the opening can be in the scrotum. In extreme cases, the penis is bisected resulting in a condition called diphallia, commonly known as double penis, or two penises. That’s quite rare.

Many men have minor distal hypospadias, and some don’t even realize their penises are abnormal. They think having their meatus just below the glans is the way it is supposed to be.

Hypospadias is often corrected in very young boys.

In proximal hypospadias, the opening can be in the scrotum. Surgical correction on newborns usually fixes the problem. Many men have minor distal hypospadias, and some don’t even realize their penises are abnormal. They think having their meatus (peehole) low on the glans is the way it is supposed to be.

Your author’s first male-male masturbatory encounter happened in his adolescent years. It turns out the kid I played with had a mild case of hypospadias approximately like the second picture below. At the time, I knew he was slightly different, but I figured it might be I who was different. I didn’t really think much about it. (More, going delightfully off-topic, after the pictures)

We learned to jerk each other off, and had many wonderful sessions where one would lay on a bed, and the other would jerk him off, or visa versa. He was quite new to cumming, and squirted only a few clear drips. I had a chess set with hollow pieces which we’d use as impromptu measuring tools. He couldn’t quite fill a pawn with semen. I, being a year older, could almost fill a queen.

One day we discovered how torturous it is to have a palm of a hand rubbed over the glans, so naturally we played with this quite a bit, seeing how much we could take of that treatment from each other.

One day, I came across a darkroom timer in the trash. I took it home having no idea what it was. But, I liked that it would buzz for a preset number of seconds, then click off. We decided to play with it. We decided that we’d each see if we could stand seven minutes of continuous palm rubbing on our hard penises. After a few minutes in, the feeling transmutes from a sort of nearly unbearable tickle, to something rather nice, sort of like a cross between ‘gotta pee,’ and ‘gunna cum.’ We both managed it without peeing or cumming. I later learned that it can set off involuntary urination in some men.

However, we were both rubbed raw resulting in blisters. We hadn’t yet learned to use some sort of lubricant. We both had scabs on the ends of our penises for several days. It was agony refraining from jerking off during the healing time. Fortunately, that part of the body heals quickly.

Later we discovered that use of lubricant eliminates the problem, but surprisingly makes the ‘horrible tickle’ effect more intense. We only sat on each other’s knees to restrain the recipients, but for some men, actual restraints are required since the intensity is just so extreme that they twist, yell, and struggle to get away.

A very low example of hypospadias

I recently encountered a guy with hypospadias at Marshall’s Nude Beach in San Francisco. We had a good time. Here’s the write-up: Hypospadias at Marshall’s Beach.

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