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High School Years

High School Days, an erotic memoir

By Spurtz

My high school years were a sexual wonderland. While I achieved a high degree of success with my sexual experiences back then, I just wished I had known then what I know now and it would have likely been overwhelming. All that young pussy dancing on my dick or sucking me to a terrific orgasm with my semen shooting down those teenage throats.

My first experiences had nothing to do with any high school girls, however. I worked part time in a gas station and one night a cute little girl started coming into the station to buy candy or ice cream. She was coming in three or four times a week fairly late at night and would insist that I wait on her. She literally would stand inside the station and say nothing until I would ask her if I could help. So the other guys caught on that she would only talk to me. After a couple of weeks of this the other guys kept teasing me that she wanted me to fuck her. So one really slow evening she came in and I took her hand and led her into the ladies room, locked the door, and proceeded to attempt to fuck her. Not having any real idea where the opening to her pussy was, I nosed the head of my dick around looking for it and ended up cumming on her pubic area. She was cool about it so the following night I had her come by when I got off work and drove to a secluded area and fucked her properly in the front seat of my car.

Concidentally, a few days later a buddy and I picked up two girls who were hitch-hiking to Florida. We drove to a local park where my bud wandered off with one of the girls and left me with the other. She more or less admitted that the two of them were fucking their way to Florida, so I took her back in the bushes, and fresh from my success with the previous girl, proceeded to put it to her. Later when I told my buddy what happened, he was really pissed because he didn’t do anything with the one he was with.

Then the following weekend, myself and two of my guy friends picked up a beautiful young light skinned black hooker and all three of us fucked her. So in the span of about two weeks, I lost my cherry and fucked three different girls. I was 15 at the time. In the state I lived in back then, it was legal to drive at 15, in case you were wondering.

These experiences really whetted my appetite for pussy. In a way, these early successes somewhat limited my various paths to sex. I became so fixated on fucking my various partners, that the joys of handjobs or blowjobs weren’t much of an attraction. And were something I missed out on during my early years.

Every girl I dated during my high school years I tried to fuck. And I had a high degree of success. I remember one girl in particular named Jeannie. I never wasted much time. I usually tried to get in their pants on the first date. I got the usual resistance from Jeannie but after quite a bit of spit swapping she let me feel her bare tit. My dick was like an iron bar and I kept trying to get my fingers inside her pants but she wasn’t going for it. Finally I unzipped my pants and took out my rock hard dick. I put her hand on it and she jerked it away like she had touched a red hot poker. I pulled her hand back and finally she gripped it lightly. I tried moving her hand up and down the length of my cock but I don’t think she understood the concept. This was back in the ‘fifties and teen girls then didn’t really know much. I’m sure it’s the first cock she’d ever touched.

I told her that the head of my cock was the most sensitive area and asked her if she could stroke it with the tips of her fingers. Reluctantly, she did and as I moaned in ecstasy she got a bit more into it. I explained how rubbing the frenulum felt fantastic. I didn’t even know what that word meant back then, I just knew that area was super senstive. This was my first experience of being masturbated by a girl. I begged for her to let me touch her pussy and she finally relented. She was wet which I now know indicated she was sexually excited but back then I didn’t know anything about that.

I got my fingers inside her pussy but at that time I didn’t even know a clit existed so I just pumped my fingers in and out of her. I begged her to let me put my cock inside her but she wasn’t going for it. Finally I said, just let me put the head in. I told her that’s the most sensitive area and it will feel so good. After much back and forth with me promising that I wouldn’t fully penetrate her, she finall agreed. I got her panties off and spread her legs on the front seat of my car. I did just slide the head of my cock into her now sopping wet slit. I had every intention of honoring my promise although every fiber of my body wanted to slam my cock the full depth of her cunt.

I began to very slightly move my cockhead in and out of her juicy slit. It felt like heaven. But never more than about an inch of penetration. To my wonder and surprise, she locked her arms around me and whispered “Put it all the way in.” And I was happy to oblige. What a wondrous feeling as my cock slid into her. No resistance so I’m assuming her hymen was gone although I doubt she had been fucked befoe. Possibly a hairbrush handle had taken care of it.

As I pumped my cock back and forth inside her, I knew I couldn’t last long and I really didn’t want to ejaculate inside of her. So when that excrutiating feeling started, I pulled my dick out and spurted a big load of jism all over her tummy. She wasn’t really ready for that but later said she was glad I didn’t cum inside her. We cleaned up with some Kleenex that I always kept handy in case I got lucky. We proceeded to continue dating for a couple of months and fucked every chance we got. We used condoms so I could ejaculate deep in her pussy. Unfortunately, back then I had no clue how to get my partners to orgasm so all of our couplings were basically about getting me to cum. The more we did it the more I was able to make it last but looking back I doubt if she every had an orgasm. Of course, back in that era, she may not have even known it was possible for a woman to cum. Times have certainly changed.

My current GF makes sure she orgasms every time we fuck. Sometimes she has her own fingers working her clit while we are fucking and other times she manages to arch her body in such a way that her clit rubs against my pubic bone. The drawback to this is that when she does that, it pushes my cock down in such a way that it hurts. I never say anything because I want her to cum but while she’s doing that, there is no possibility for me to orgasm so I wait until she’s done and then finish the fuck off with a nice orgasm of my own. Sometimes I try to rub her clit while we are fucking but she prefers to do it herself.

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