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High-Pressure Test

High-Pressure Test, erotic homosexual or bisexual coming-of-age story

My older brother used to do what he called pressure testing to all his friends, and after a while he started in on me and my friends, too.

We ‘had to’ submit ourselves to his tests, typically once every couple of weeks. Somehow, we all gladly complied.

We all got naked by our outdoor shower, even if it was a little cold outside during our southern California winters. Typically, there would be three or four of us. He’d then line us up, and turn the shower hose on us. He replaced the shower head with a garden hose nozzle, so it would shoot out a high pressure stream. It was warm water since there are hot and cold taps. My parents built the pool and outside shower to be private and comfortable, never realizing how it might get used. Of course they were at work when us kids did this.

So, Kevin, my brother, standing there as naked as the rest of us, would start by spraying the warm, high-pressure water on whichever boy was on the far left of the line up. He sprayed it right on the kid’s balls and dick, and kept it up for a full thirty seconds.

If the kid became erect, Kevin announced ‘Gay.’ If not, ‘Straight.’

Then he’d turn to the next kid and spray him for thirty seconds.

Some of the kids got erect. Some didn’t. It was not so much about the kid, as timing. I think most of u became erect from this high-pressure test at one time or another. Whether he yelled, “Gay” or “Straight,” we don’t really care. It was just a game, and we all knew it.

Here’s the part I didn’t get, and and I always thought I’d do something about it one day, but never did: This was a super horny time for me, and the other boys. I’m sure we’d like to have jerked off immediately following the test, right there in front of the other boys, at least if we became erect. But no one ever did. Speaking for myself, I know I went in my room and jerked off as soon as possible. I believe the other boys went home and did too.

What about Kevin? He never got sprayed. He was always the one doing the spraying, even though he, too, was as naked as the day he was born. His big hairy dick did get erect every time, and he just ignored it entirely.

After a year or so, the ritual ended. It just sort of fizzled out, where instead of four or five boys, it would be two or three, then just me, then nothing.

I’m still single, bisexual, and not interested in marriage. At least not yet. Right now, I’ve got an on again, off again girlfriend. She has really large inner labia, which I just love fingering as they become all wet and slippery. I can do that to her for an hour, and she just loves it, and happily receives it. She’ll then turn around and suck me. She especially likes sucking me until I blow my cum, which she swallows, but then she’ll keep going. It’s excruciating for a couple of minutes, and I really want to pull away, but then something changes, and I’m loving it again. I generally cum twice. Isn’t that amazing?

The other boys grew up normally. One is our mayor. One is fully gay. I’ve played with him a few times, but he always wants to be buttfucked, which I always politely decline. I’m just not into that. I’m more of a blowjob and handjob guy.

Kevin went on to become a fireman. Isn’t that hilarious? He’s still spraying water out of hoses. He’s happily married with two kids. He tells me that he and some of the guys in the firehouse do have circle jerks from time to time. I wish I was a fireman!

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