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Helpful Sister

Helpful sister in trouble for explicitly sexually helping people
Not my sister, but she looks like a younger version of this woman

You might think my sister, two years older than me, has no moral values. Actually, she’s the most honest, empathetic, moral person I’ve ever met. To give you an example of her moral side:

She wears a tool belt, like a guy. Like a police officer. But she’s not carrying weapons. She has a Swiss army knife, tape, a bit of wire, a bicycle patch kit, and such. She often has more equipment in her backpack. Whenever she sees anyone with a problem, and not just mechanical either, she’ll drop whatever she’s doing, and help. Recently, I saw her sit down with an obvious drug addict who was on the curb crying her eyes out. I don’t know what my sister did, but the woman straightened up her spine, and looked quite resolute at the end of their conversation.

On the other hand, her teachers have hounded her to the ends of the earth for dirty hands, standing up for what she believes, or being late for class on several occasions. They may or may not know she was helping people. They say she’s immoral.

Would you say it’s immoral to give blowjobs to an assortment of men who are in their times of feeling depressed or insignificant? She’s done that. And, gotten in trouble for it.

How about the time she found a few pounds of strawberries in a free box, washed them all off, bought some pie crusts and other stuff with her own money, baked a dozen pies, then gave them away at a homeless shelter? Was that immoral?

How about the time a slightly dyslexic boy was struggling with his trigonometry and she started by showing him her tits, then promised to give him a massage with a happy ending when he passed the course? I know she came through on her promise, because that boy was her brother, me. Was that immoral? It got me through trigonometry.

When my clothes came off and she saw my hairless little five-inch and skinny dick – I was a late bloomer, she didn’t make fun of it. She complimented it, saying how firm and appealing it looked. And firm it was. There’s something about being fully naked and massaged by your own sister, that brings out the best in a guy. It was unfortunate that I ejaculated like five seconds after she touched my cock.

I’d like to claim that she and I have done other sexual things, but nope. She fixed the problem at hand, and another opportunity of that sort has never happened. She’s now going to college, learning to be a police officer. At the same time, on weekends she’s learning something called NLP, which is evidently sort of like psychology to help people with various issues. That’s my sister!

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