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Helen and Howard

When we first married, I enjoyed sex. I was somewhat surprised that I still wanted to masturbate what with all that sex going on, but that’s how it was. So, I’d sneak away and wank when I could. No way would I admit to my wife that I masturbated. It wasn’t that I thought she’d be shocked. I figured she might cry because she could assume she’s not sufficiently attractive to me.

Toward the end of our pregnancy with our first child, she lost interest in fucking. I certainly understood. I became horny, and couldn’t find any good opportunities to masturbate in secret.

I let her ‘discover’ me one evening as she came to bed. I though she might freak out, or who know’s what, but she was totally cool with it. So, I took to wanking myself to sleep almost every night.

After the first one was born and things settled down, my wife and I got back to business as usual. She surprised me one evening by saying, “Let’s not fuck. Let’s masturbate side by side.” I thought that was a fun and novel idea. So we did, and it was nice. It was quite unusual and a real nice treat for me. I had never seen her masturbate. I didn’t even know if she ever did. Later I found out that even during our randiest points in time, she also masturbated frequently.

After our third and final child was born, she started in on menopause. She so totally lost interest in sex that I became quite frustrated. I did wank more often in her presence. Because I figured any sort of sexual activity with other women would be ‘cheating’ I never approached any other women. But, being fairly liberal minded, I wondered what it would be like to jerk off with another man. I tried it a few times, and it was really quite enjoyable. In my limited opinion, a man knows how to give a better hand job than a woman.

After the kids were grown and out of the house, I became bolder about jerking off around Helen. I’d wank in bed at night, as usual, but then sometimes, in the living room, while watching TV, I’d jerk off right there in the recliner. At first, she complained that it was distracting, but I kept doing it, and she got used to it.

Most recently, there’s a guy I’ve become very good friends with. Howard. He and I have wanked each other several times. I invited him over to the house to jerk off with me, with all of us knowing full well that Helen would be there. So, he and I went into the bedroom, stripped naked, and did give each other wonderful orgasms while Helen rattled around in the kitchen. When we were done and put our clothes back on, she had tea for us, and a big smile.

That evening, for literally the first time in years, she felt sexual. I think knowing what Howard and I did was a turn on for her. Not enough for her to enjoy intercourse again, but I did lick her to a very nice and strong orgasm.

Even though it seems like my sex life has been less than ideal, I’ve been having a great time, and am very happy to be alive. I can’t wait to see the evolution of my sex life with Helen, Howard, and whoever else shows up.

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