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He-Man, He-Woman Club

He-man, he-woman sex club

For years, kids had been breaking into the old inner city gym building. It was boarded up, and fenced off next to our new gym, but we still got in. It’s been like that for at least fifteen years. There’s graffiti all over the walls, and some of the left over equipment is busted up. Some of the mats are torn too, but for the most part, they are in surprisingly good shape. The first few times I went there, no one else was in the building. There was good light coming in from skylights. Still, It was spooky but fun.

My first year of middle school was probably pretty much like it was for everyone else. Then, early in the second year, Kenneth, one of the largest, yet gentlest kids in the school, one that everyone respected, invited me to come to the old gym with him. Why me, I don’t know. He had barely spoken to me before that day.

So I called my mom saying I’d be late after school, ‘working on a school project,’ and ambled over there with Kenneth. When we squeezed through the fence and climbed in the window, there were three other kids there. Kenneth boarded up the window we came in from the inside. The three other kids were Jimmy, Kyle, and Janice. She was a super-hot girl. She also seemed like a very straight-arrow, goodie-two-shoes, so I was surprised to see her in the old gym. Janice seemed more grown up than us.

They all said ‘hi’ to Kenneth, and he said ‘hi’ back. They called him “Kenny,” which was a surprise to me. I had known him only as “Kenneth.”

They all said “Hi” to me also, like a long lost friend. I thought that was weird, but was honored in my 13-year-old way.

Janice, who everyone was calling “Jannie” pulled off her sweater. It was warm in the building. I had never given it much thought, but in this part of Florida, a long, low flat building is perfect for passive heating and cooling. It’s shady in the summer, but gets warmed by the sun in the winter. Well, maybe it was a bit warmer than perfect.

Then she started unbuttoning her blouse. I didn’t notice immediately, then I was suddenly like, “Woah!” She continued as if it was an every day occurrence. She was old enough to need a bra, but still, seeing her in that bra was terribly exciting. I was wondering just what she was doing. Evidently she was bold enough to change into some other clothing right in front of us.

It dawned on me slowly that the boys had all removed their shoes and socks and were pulling off their pants. OK, that was it. Whatever the hell was going on, I was out of there! I started to turn around when Kyle, said, “Ronnie, wait!”

I stopped. I don’t know why. I didn’t turn around at first. It seemed like Janice might remove her bra or something, and I didn’t want to embarrass her. Then too, the boys were down to their underwear. Even that would be embarrassing, right? I was brought up not to look at such things. Finally, I knew that keeping my back to them, but being stopped in my tracks like that was weird, so I turned around, determined not to stare at whatever I might see.

All of my thirteen years didn’t prepare me for what I saw. Janice was indeed out of her bra, and was in the process of pulling off her jeans. Two of the boys were stark naked, and with erections, no less. I’m afraid to admit I started shaking, and couldn’t say a word. I started to turn toward the window, my only escape again.

“You didn’t tell him, did you?” Janice asked Kenneth accusingly.


“Well look,” she said, speaking directly to me, as I stared at her boobs.

“This is the He-Man Training Facility. Lemme explain: You may have noticed that Kenneth and the other guys will sometimes break up fights.”

I hadn’t ever realized it, but by gosh, she was right.

“Well, they’re into that. They like to be not only good guys, but very good guys. They’ve been in training, right here in the gym so as to get ever better at what they do.”

“Yeah, I’m going to be a cop when I grow up,” Kyle interjected.

“And, I’m going to join the FBI,” Kenneth added.

Janice continued, “This is a he-man, and he-woman…” she added with a laugh, “…club. We noticed that you’ve been a very good citizen. We saw you de-escalate a situation the other day.”

I didn’t know what ‘de-escalate’ meant, but had a fair idea. Last Wednesday, there were two guys in the gym, the new gym, who started to get kind of crazy. They were getting ready to pummel each other. I stepped between them, and offered some words to calm them down.

“We want you in our club, if you’ll join us.”

By now, all four of them were entirely out of their clothes. Stark naked. They were standing there, facing me in a semi-circle. The three boys were erect.

I was rather certain this was way too weird for me. In a timid voice, I asked, “What, exactly, do you do in this club?”

Kenneth, I mean Kenny, jumped in and explained the rest. He told me they are toughening up. They start with the usual kind of exercises. Jumping jacks, pushups, and like that. But then they do things that are supposed to enhance what he called their ‘super-powers.’ He explained that this meant squeezing and punching testicles, and Janice’s boobs, something he called ‘glans rubbing,’ and holding off orgasms.

I must have looked quizzical, so he explained in more detail, “We don’t really do serious ballbusting or anything like that. They’re light punches, and the squeezing is more like massaging. The orgasm thing is really fun. We try to hold off orgasm as long as possible. It causes you to tense your whole body, which is good exercise.”

This was all new information, and very strange to me. I didn’t know anything other than ordinary masturbation, and no one had ever spoken with me about that.

“Well,” Jimmy interjected, “It’s really more ritualistic. We really just do it all for fun, and for bonding. We ‘he-men’ have to stick together.”

I was going to have to look up ‘ritu…’ whatever the heck he said.

I just couldn’t deal with it. I didn’t trust my voice to say anything, so I headed for the window. Kenneth called after me, “Hey Ronnie, don’t tell anyone, OK? It would wreck everything.”

Janice added, “We love you Ronnie. We’d love to have you in our club. Why don’t you think it over?”

Out the window I went. I walked home very slowly. I had a lot to process. So far, this had been without a doubt the weirdest thing in my whole life.

That night at dinner, I wanted to ask my dad about it. I didn’t because I felt somehow guilty for merely having been there. Plus, my sister was sitting there. How could I bring up something as weird as that right there? Furthermore, they had asked me not to tell, and I don’t generally break my word. Actually, I had never said I wouldn’t tell. But I wouldn’t. They must have known that about me, because they didn’t seem overly concerned.

In my bed that night while thinking about the very strange afternoon, I jerked off, which was still fairly new to me. With thoughts of Janice in my mind, I came twice, something that had never happened before. Nevertheless, I was sure I’d never go back to the old gym. Oh, I also decided I wasn’t ever going to tell on them. On top of everything else, just mentioning the details would be embarrassing – for me.

I’ll bet you can guess what happened. Right, two days later, after considerable hesitation, I walked up to Kenneth, and said I’d like to think more about the club.

He was all smiles, and invited me to join them that very afternoon. I declined.

This happened two more times. I wanted to check it out. I mean, I really, really wanted to check it out. The thought of Janice naked, oh my god! And, frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing the boys with their bold little erections again too.

Finally, Jimmy came up to me in school and whispered that there was no obligation to join. I could just come over one afternoon, and see how I liked it.

And that’s what I did, even though it took me four days to make the decision and be bold enough to actually walk over there with Kenneth.

The minute I arrived, I figured it was a mistake and wanted to leave. But I didn’t. First, it was just me and Kenneth, um, “Kenny.” He started pulling off his clothes. He looked at me just standing there, and said “Come on, nothing’s going to bite you.”

So, taking as much time as I could, I took off my shoes and socks. Meanwhile all of the other three arrived. While I was just starting to untuck my shirt, Kenny was already fully naked, and the others were starting to disrobe. Kenny had actual hair just above his dick. He was like a real man. It turns out Janice had a good patch of hair over her vagina, too. The others, and me, not so much.

Anyway, seeing everyone naked, caused me to feel the need to get naked too. I was still reluctant, but, well, I did it. No one laughed at me or anything like that.

Jimmy went over and put a board over the open window, and somehow fastened it in. He turned to me and said, “We wouldn’t want anyone discovering us.”

We started in with all the exercises. It was starting to be OK. Yes, I was erect, but it was pretty much OK doing these pushups and things all naked with the other kids.

Kenny, who was pretty much the ringleader, said it was now time for the first phase.

We all laid down on the mats. Kyle leaned toward me, and without warning, grabbed my balls in one hand, and started lightly slapping them with the other. It didn’t hurt. In fact, it was rather nice. I felt like I might cum just from that. Meanwhile, Kenny was squeezing Jannie’s tits. She was making faces. They weren’t expressions of pain, but rather some sort of ecstatic joy. We shifted positions and partners several times. I got my first ever chance to feel another guy’s balls, when Jimmy scooted over to me and just pointed at his balls, an obvious invitation to squeeze them.

After a few minutes, and a few more changes of partners, Jannie came to me and asked me to squeeze her clit. I didn’t know what a clit was. She rescued me from my ignorance, by showing me. “Like this, silly…”

I watched as she sorted through her hair and her inner labia, and squeezed a little bump inside. I couldn’t wait to give it a try, and in fact, I didn’t have to wait long.

It was surprisingly slippery. I was in absolute heaven. Although no one was touching my penis at the moment, it was as hard as it had ever been.


I realized I was being very gentle with her, not knowing just how much pressure to apply. It wasn’t easy, as her clit kept slipping out of my fingertips.

Suddenly she moaned, and arched her back. I let go right away.

“No, keep going!” she yelled.

So, I kept going, and she went into something that seemed like convulsions.

I myself, hadn’t been orgasming for long. Maybe only a few months, but I pretty well figured out she was going through something similar.

Over the course of weeks, we met like this every weekday afternoon. I was growing up in many ways. I had learned a lot about sex. Oh, none of us kids ever stuck a penis in Janice or each other. We knew that was generally wrong. But they all told me stuff which I found very educational. I discovered things like just how nice a finger in the anus can feel. During those many weeks, my cum changed from a couple of clear drips, to actual squirts of a thicker, whiter fluid.

One afternoon, we were all engaged in our play. Kenny was trying to squeeze four fingers into Jannie’s vagina, while I had two fingers in her butt. At the same time, Jimmy was fingering my butt. I had already ejaculated, but was plenty happy with continuing. Kyle and Kenneth were doing that glans rubbing thing. Kyle was rubbing Kenneth who was squirming and laughing.

Suddenly, the board came off the window, and a kid from our school, Jamal, was looking in. Man, did he look shocked.

To shorten a long story, Jamal joined our group. A little later on, so did Lance and a heavyset girl named Amy. Amy turned out to be very much fun. I had ignored her in school, and it turns out she was funny, and lively outside of school. She and I became a ‘thing.’ Oh, the other kids in middle school laughed at us, but we didn’t care. We knew many things that all the other kids in the school didn’t have a clue about.

A month or so after that, even though we thought we had secured the board very nicely to block the window, the board popped off again. We had all just arrived. Very luckily, no one was naked yet. Mr. Jamison, the school custodian, was looking in. He yelled, “Hey, what are you kids doing in there?”

He had us come out the window, and took us to the principal’s office. The principal had left for the day, so Mr. Jamison let us go home. We were super-worried that our parents would find out, but no one ever did.

Needless to say, our club days were over.

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