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Hand Over Hand

Hand over hand male masturbation technique

This technique is something you can do by yourself, but can be even better if done to you by a friend. It doesn’t make any difference if your friend is female or male.

Get your penis hard and lube it and your hands or your friend’s hands with something nice and slippery.

Wrap the fingers of one hand over the tip of your penis, and slide that hand down toward the base.

Wrap the fingers of the other hand around the tip of your penis, and slide it down, replacing the first hand.

Continue sliding down, hand after hand.

One of two things will happen:

The process may feel very nice, causing you to shoot semen high in the air after a couple of minutes.

Or, it may seem like an unbearable, yet enjoyable tickle as the hands slip over your glans. That’s especially true if the lube isn’t slippery enough. Now this tickle isn’t something to be left alone. If you can stand it, keep doing it, or have your friend keep doing it. It’s a real test of your will to allow it to continue, but a fun and oddly sensual challenge. Then, it will eventually mutate into a wonderful orgasmic feeling.

Be prepared however, every now and then a guy will involuntarily urinate during this procedure.

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