Haight-Ashbury Coronavirus Show – An Older Couple put on a show

Hair – Info

Hair Dresser – The ultimate dye job

Hairless – Info

Hammer – Hit in the balls

Hand in Ass or Vagina – Info

Handjob: Brother’s Handjob – story, female point of view

Handjob: Brother’s Handjobmale point of view

Hands-Free Orgasm – Info

Hand Over Hand – Male masturbation technique

Handy Squad – Three young women and older men

Happy Ending: 25 Years Between Massage Parlor Happy Endings

Happy Trail: Also known as ‘treasure trail,’ a line if hair along the lower abdomen leading to the crotch area, as shown in the sagital image below.
abdominal hair patterns, happy trail

Hard Cock, Womens’ First Reactions

Hard Testicle Squeezing

Harley-Davidson, Loser Motorcycle Guy

Harry Styles has an interesting condition known as polythelia.

Hartley, Nina, She Picked Me – Male POV

Have Cock, Will Travel – Memoir

Happy Ending – brief story, male point of view

Hardcore – Three meanings

Hardon – Facts

Hardon Expansion

Harry Potter – Ron Weasley and Ejaculation

Hawaii: Strange M-M Massage on Maui


Health – and medibation

Heart Tattoo – Brother-Sister

Hedonism and the Ethics of Masturbation

He-Man, He-Woman Club – Youth memoir

Helpful Sister


Be a Hero

Heterosexual Couples – 90 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

HFO – Hands-Free Orgasm

HFO can also mean Huge Fucking Orgasm

High and Low Orgasm

High and Low Orgasm – for men

High Pressure Test – Male POV coming-of-age story

High School – Boner Boy

High School Friends

High School Hero

High School Masturbation Class – Fiction

High School Sex – Male POV

High School Years – Male POV memoir

History: Post-Pandemic History Class

Home Health Exam – Female POV

Homework Assignment for Men

Homework Assignment for Women

Hooters Style Sex

Hot Teen: Sex With A Really Hot Teen – male POV

Hot Tea Discovery – New Masturbation Technique

Household Family Erections?

How I Became a Big Star – Female point of view

Homosexual – Born Gay, Honest, and a Bit Aspergery

Homework, Light Chills, Male or Female

Hormones, Endorphines

Hormones, Prolactin

Horny – The state of having sexual feelings.

Horny Girls with an Interest in Science

Horny Sister – Story, male point of view

Horrible Handjob

Horrible Roommate – Lesbian, bisexual story, female point of view

Hotel Maid – Caught Jerking Off

Hot Tub Fun – A man builds a hot tub and invites his friends

Hot Tub Oops – Male, Caught

Housemates – Five Naked Housemates – Story

How-To Story – Bullet Wound Gets Them Every Time

How Ugly Lawrence Gets The Girls

Huge Penis

Hyper and Hypo: You’ll often find these prefixes used in sexuality. Hyper means ‘much,’ or ‘long,’ or ‘big’ and ‘hypo’ means ‘little,’ or ‘short’ or ‘small.’ For instance, ‘hypersexual’ refers to a person who is more sexually interested or active than average, and hypospadias is a congenital condition in which a man’s meatus (urethral opening) is short of the end of the penis (see below).

Hypersexual: One who is more interested in sexual activity than average.

Hypospadias – a male congenital condition

Hypospadias At Marshall’s Beach

Hyperspermia: A condition in which a man ejaculates an unusually large amount of semen


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