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Mixed group weekly hot tub masturbation parties
This isn’t our group, but it’s like this

So really Jeremy, the only story I have that’s at all interesting is our weekly wanking group, but of course you know all about that. It started like a hundred years ago, OK, ten years ago, shortly after Cassie and I were married. We were hanging out at a restaurant with another couple that we barely knew, but we thought we’d enjoy knowing better. The conversation was nice, and we were hogging the table long after finishing the dinner. As such things will do, this conversation started turning risque. We were discussing our sex lives. No doubt we were becoming too loud, and way too personal, probably entertaining the nearby diners to no end. Or maybe pissing them off. Who knows?

Suddenly, my sweet Cassie announced, “Well, when it comes down to it, I think Paul enjoys handjobs more than sex.”

I think I turned red in the face, and would have been destroyed, except for the fact that Jamal admitted that he too, enjoys a good handjob. He didn’t come right out and say he prefers handjobs over intercourse, but at least he gave me some solidarity.

Not leaving it well enough alone, Cassie then added, “Frankly, I get a kick out of holding Paul’s penis as it pulses in my hand and the cum is spurting out. I can’t say as I really like that more than sex… Well, come to think of it, maybe I do. You know how it is. Sometimes a girl just doesn’t want to be penetrated, but she’s still feeling horny.”

We all laughed. The conversation continued, and somehow it came about that the four of us should have a masturbation session together.

I mean, what a crazy idea, right? But we were in our twenties, and still experimental. Well, actually, we’re still experimental, but now, in our thirties, we start to wonder about things, and are a bit more reluctant to do anything out of the ordinary.

So, to make a long story short, we got together and had our session. It was slow getting started. I mean, we really barely knew Jamal and Shala. Plus there was that whole awkward cultural thing. They are black, we are white. I know that shouldn’t matter, but it can make… well you know, it can make it difficult to get to know people. To feel comfortable with people at first.

Fortunately, we had a hot tub and even though it was sort of cold outside, that’s where we all convened. I knew I had to be the bold one, so I took off my clothes first. I think Jamal felt a similar obligation to break the ice, because he was naked almost as soon as I was. The girls were moving more slowly, and I was thinking that at any moment Shala or Cassie would say the whole thing was stupid and back out. To my delight, my wife did in fact fully strip, followed only seconds later by Shala.

I’m totally committed to my wife, and her thin, red-headed looks are to die for, but seeing Shala put a whole new meaning on “Black is beautiful.” She had large breasts, with huge black nipples, but a surprisingly small and athletic ass. Like Cassie, she shaved her whole crotch area. Come to think of it, Jamal was shaved also. I was the only hairy one there. I must say his glistening black dick and balls were a sight to see. I wasn’t sure if it was right or not, but my penis hardened up right away. I felt a sense of shame and wished it would stay soft. But, how crazy was that? Our intention was to jerk off in front of each other. As I was thinking all of that, Jamal’s dick hardened up, and my oh my, was it big! So, evidently what they say about black guys is true! Or, at least that black guy. So of course my next emotion was another kind of shame. He put my little 5-incher to shame. But that was only a fleeting thought. How could anyone be in any sort of depressed thinking with those two beautiful girls just sitting there on the ledge of the hot tub.

I figured they’d sink into the water to hide themselves, but none of us did. How brave, right? Yet, no one had started in on the task at hand. We were supposed to be having a masturbation session, but instead, we were just sitting around the rim of the tub, enjoying the warm vapors coming off the surface of the water, talking small talk. In a way, it was kind of cool. I could see Jamal’s penis sticking straight up, as mine was, and the girls had hard, pointy nipples, and it wasn’t just because of the chill air.

It was my Cassie who really got things under way. She dipped into the water for a couple of minutes, followed by Shala. Then she got back out on the rim, put one hand on her pussy, and the other on one of her pencil-eraser nipples. She started making the little motions of masturbation. That was the cue, and within sixty seconds, all four of us on the rim were jerking off like there was no tomorrow.

Jamal came first, followed only seconds later by me. Then Shala started bucking and yelling, having a very graphic orgasm, followed, oh maybe two minutes later, by Cassie, who was less demonstrative, but obviously in bliss with her closed eyes and arching body.

That was our first session. We decided to do it weekly, every Thursday evening. It wasn’t long before we were all masturbating each other. Not long after that, it was blowjobs and toys. I learned the joy that Cassie had been having when giving me handjobs by trying it on Jamal. There was a little voice in me saying, ‘this is wrong’ but it I was having way too much fun to give that any heed. Weeks later, my concerns about ‘gayness’ or whatever were totally evaporated.

Shala and Jamal shared with us their dildo fetish. That guy enjoyed putting penis shaped objects in his ass. How weird was that? Or at least so I thought until Jamal gently put a dildo in my ass one Thursday night. Oh my god! I was transported, and squirted cum without even having my dick touched.

About a year into it, Shal and Jam arrived at our house one evening along with a stranger, a big hulking black guy named Jason. I mean, this guy was huge, like 6’4″ and 280 lbs. But it wasn’t his size that bothered me. It was the foolish feeling that we had been exposed. We were invaded. Our secret was out. It took me a good half hour to get over that entirely, but get over it I did. When Jason, who, by the way, had only an average-size dick, gave me a handjob, I ejaculated almost immediately. Being concerned that I’d wreck the evening for everyone else by having cum too soon, it took me a moment to notice that after he had jerked me off like that, I was still rock hard. Shala came over, and jerked me off again, and to my amazement, I came again only a few minutes later.

The next week, Jason came again, and as if it was a comedy, he brought a tiny little Asian chick. Michele can’t be more than 4’8″ and she’s really skinny with long black hair that reaches down to her butt. She has almost no breasts. She just has nipples against her chest, almost as flat as a guy. I don’t mind. In fact, I think that’s really sexy. Man, I’ll tell you, if I wasn’t married to Cassie…

These days, we have as many as twelve people over every Thursday, one of them occasionally being you Jeremy. Our only rule is that we want to keep the numbers even. If there are let’s say nine people, five guys, and four girls, then the next one invited has to be a girl. We don’t really vet new people. If someone in our group brings someone, we assume they know what they are doing.

Oh, and one other rule: No 420, no alcohol, no drugs of any kind. I’m so happy we all mutually decided this. We kind of figured out that all that stuff only pollutes the experience. And, an experience it is. Every single Thursday is an absolute delight.

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  1. Group masturbation is a terrific experience. Particularly if it’s both men and women. I’ve done several with men and one with a woman that was incredibly hot.

  2. i want to be in that hot tub

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