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Good Afternoon

I went over to my buddy’s house yesterday. The third guy who was going to come over backed out at the last moment. It was probably for the better because John and I had a great time. I ended up cumming three times.

He announced he came twice with his girlfriend that morning, so didn’t expect to be able to do much. I was initially a bit disappointed, especially since I purposely held off with my wife in the morning.

We started with him ‘doing’ me. He seems every bit as happy doing me for long periods of time as being done. So, he had me in a pre-orgasmic state pretty early on. I was saying “wait” every few seconds, then he’d resume. I had orgasmic contractions a half-dozen times, but then I lost it and came with a single squirt that shot beyond my left nipple and then some smaller dry contractions.

He kept going, but very gently. I stayed hard. Within a few minutes the orgasmic feeling returned, and he edged me a while longer, then I came again. After that, I felt overwhelmed, so we switched to him.

The techniques he used is he put clothespins on my dick, which I normally wouldn’t like, but on this occasion it really enhanced the enjoyment. With the clothespins lined up on the underside of my dick. he just kept making little circles with his thumb placed on my frenulum and the bottom section of my glans. That really worked wonders, no actual stroking necessary.

He did not get hard right away, but then I worked on him for a very long time. I did the clothespins thing, gave him lots of glans rubbing which he loved, did some frenulum pulling and shaking, and finally went into long slow strokes. By then, he was rock hard and stayed that way throughout. He kept getting close, but not quite orgasmic. Finally I put one, then two fingers in his butt, pressed upward against his prostate while he jerked himself. With that, he came hard. After he took his hand away, I kept going on him, because he, and I, like post-orgasm torture. But yesterday, he could only take so much.

He then turned his attention back to me, and I was evidently ready for more. Although I didn’t harden fully, I got to the orgasmic state fairly quickly. He gave me lots of glans rubbing, and needless to say, I was squirming all over the place. Finally, the sensation transmuted, as it will do, and I was on the verge of cumming again. By then, I was fully erect again, as if the previous hour hadn’t even happened. And again, I was saying “wait” every few seconds. Finally, I came again. I felt several strong contractions, but did not sense anything coming out. I may or may not have ejaculated anything.

Next time, we’ll probably want to see if we can go even longer, and have even more cums. We might get the third guy to join us, which would be nice because we can trade off getting some video which I can post right here for you.

For a short video of a previous session with John, doing some of the things described here: Wait, Wait!

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