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Go-To Fantasy

In a forum someone recently asked about whether weird sexual go-to fantasies are alright.

Here is my response followed by my own crazy fantasy.

Some people have very strange fantasies. If one doesn’t act on dangerous fantasies, it’s all A-OK.

For instance, many men and women dream about genital piercing. They imagine a big bar or ring in their glans, inner labia or even clitoris. Others dream about three-way sexual encounters, orgies, sex with the gender they’re not typically interested in, or sex with family members. They can have wonderful orgasms thinking of such things, but most would never act on them.

If you do feel you’d like to actually do something dangerous, it is a good idea to seek out professional help. For best results, that probably shouldn’t be your clergy or even a general psychologist, but rather one specializing in sexual issues. Seeking help for such things shouldn’t be a matter of shame, but rather pride that you have the strength to do what you know is right.

I believe I’m living proof that one’s fantasies can be quite off-the-wall. Or, at least mine can.

Perhaps my main go-to fantasy is that I’d like to teach advanced masturbation techniques (See Advanced Male Masturbation). The main technique is multiple or continuous orgasms. For women, this might simply be a workshop to extend what many can already do. For men, this would be the technique of dry orgasming, something many men don’t even know is possible. With practice, and knowing the right technique, a man can have very powerful orgasms. Between orgasms he can stay hard and aroused and do it over and over again. Or, he can have orgasms that last five minutes or more. It’s amazing stuff!

Anyway, I picture myself in a classroom outfitted with massage tables, mattresses on the floor, sofas, any sort of cozy furnishings. Like at the Masturbate-a-thon, these could be old secondhand donated furniture. Everything is covered with sheets. My students, both men and women, but in reality probably more men than women, will all be naked, as will I.

First I lecture and demonstrate the technique, then as others practice, either solo, or mutually practicing in teams of two, I walk around the room demonstrating and perhaps helping out here and there. That’s my go-to fantasy. What’s yours?

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  1. Fantasy or reality that I will have come true.

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