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Glans Blame

Apple Polishing, also known as glans rubbing, rosy palm, kitouzeme or glans blame, is a technique some men enjoy, and others would hate.

Put some coconut oil or something slippery on the palm of your hand. Then rub it lightly over the tip of your man’s penis (glans) while the shaft of the penis is being held in your other hand. If he doesn’t squirm like crazy right away, he’s not human. This squirming feeling is very hard to take, but also very pleasurable, as long as he likes intensity. In a few minutes, if he can take it, the feeling transmutes into something milder, and rather interesting: Typically a ‘gotta pee’ combined with ‘gonna cum’ feeling. However, men don’t usually pee or cum, but can enjoy the feeling for quite a long time. The problem is getting there. The intensity can be so great that men have to have someone sit on their chest and hands so they won’t be able to get away.

Apple polishing works best if the man’s penis is hard before the procedure begins.

Some men want to be tied down to fully experience this ‘punishment.’ To really appreciate this technique, the man might want to have a safeword. If he really can’t take it, he can say the word. Then, the treatment can be completely intense.

If he should settle in too soon, you can try varying the angle of the rub, the pressure, and the amount of squeezing of his dick with your other hand. Various combinations will send him through the roof – in a good way – if he does enjoy intensity.

People who administer apple polishing enjoy seeing what happens to the recipient. Often it is so intense that the man starts shaking or jittering uncontrollably.

There are a couple of cautions: Going too long, or using too little oil can cause damaging wear to the skin, forming redness or even blisters that can take days to heal. Like sunburn, he might not notice it while it’s happening.

Sometimes people do involuntarily pee during this procedure.

It is called kitohzeme in Japanese which is commonly believed to translate into glans blame. According to one report, it actually translates to “master-slave” and insinuates intense sexual play between master and slave, during which the slave is not allowed to ejaculate.

Glans blame might be more popular in Japan due to an old cultural ideal in which men are supposed to be very strong against pain and unpleasant sensations. Naturally, a man inculcated in such a way would enjoy testing the limits with just such an activity as kitohzeme.

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