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Girl’s School

by Spurtz

Girl's School, Erotic Story by Spurtz

Years ago I was employed as an instructor/teacher at a very exclusive girl’s school in upstate New York. This school had a small enrollment but because the tuition was incredibly high the school could afford to have very small classes. Most of the classes I taught were limited to about seven or eight girls. The classes were from freshmen to seniors so the age range was 14 to 17.

One of the classes that I taught was human sexuality. This school was quite liberal and this was made very clear to parents before a child was enrolled. The school made sure that the parents fully understood that their daughters would be given a complete education covering all aspects of life and that the sex ed classes would not pull any punches. That did not mean that anything overt would occur….or at least it wasn’t supposed to.

I had just started a new semester and was getting to know the individual students in my classes. The human sexuality class was not tied to a particular age group. Anyone could take it whenever they wanted. Some girls elected to take it their freshman year and some their senior year with sophomores and juniors as well. So I had girls as young as 14 and as old as 17. I taught this class three times a week with a different group of girls in each class.

One of my classes was skewed to mostly young girls. There were seven girls in the class and four were 14 and three were 15.

The class had started off normally enough and by the third or fourth session, everyone seemed to be pretty comfortable with the subject. By about the seventh class the subject was on masturbation, both male and female. This was the first time I had taught this particular class subject and I was a little nervous. Mainly because up to now, most of the classes had been sort of impersonal but now we were starting to get down to a much more personal subject and I was somewhat apprehensive as to how these young girls might react.

I figured that I would break the ice and get started by letting them vote on whether the class, which was two hours long, would start off with male masturbation or female self-pleasuring. To my surprise all seven raised their hands in favor of male masturbation.

As I launched into my presentation using some fairly explicit drawings on large format poster board I could tell that I had everyone’s attention as their eyes were riveted to a drawing of an erect penis. As I described the mechanics of masturbating a male member, I got somewhat caught up in the subject and began to embellish my presentation with some twists that were not part of the prepared comments.

My first descriptions were how a guy would masturbate himself and rather than limiting my comments to running a fist or fingers up and down the length of a cock, I also described how extra fulfillment could be had by massaging one’s testicles and I even went so far to describe the joys of inserting a finger up one’s ass while masturbating. I got a few shocked looks from the younger girls in the class on that one.

While I was describing the finer techniques of masturbating a male organ one of the 14 year olds raised her hand.

“Yes, Nicole, what is it”

“Mr. Brown, you are describing how a guy does it to himself. Do girlfriends ever do it for the guy? It looks like it would be fun.” Nicole asked.

“Why, yes, it is very common for a girlfriend or wife to masturbate her man.” I replied.

This began a whole succession of questions and after a number of lengthy discussions about male masturbation one of the older girls raised her hand.

“What is it Britney?” I asked.

“What you are telling us and showing us with those stupid drawings is all well and good but I think this class would be much more valuable if we could see the real thing. After all, you are a man and you have a penis, so why don’t you demonstrate to us exactly how a guy jacks off and maybe give us a chance to practice?” she asked.

This was followed by a number of comments from the rest of the cast agreeing with her suggestion.

I swallowed hard and it took me a moment to get my breath. I saw a picture in my mind of these seven young things taking turns practicing on my prick and I could feel it start to swell in my jeans.

“I have to admit that’s a very good idea but it really isn’t part of the prepared curriculum and I could very well lose my job for straying too far outside the guidelines set by the school,” I replied.

“But Mr. Brown, who would ever know? I know for a fact that it is school policy to never interrupt these sexuality classes. The school feels that the subject matter is too important to have the class concentration broken by somebody opening the door. So you know as well as I do that nobody is going to come in this classroom during the class,” Britney argued.

“That’s true,” I replied, “but it is more complicated than that. Suppose one of the members of this class decided afterward that what we did was out of line and reported me to either the principle or to a parent?”

Britney turned to the rest of the class and said “Let’s see a show of hands on who wants to see an actual demonstration.” Six hands, plus Britney’s, shot into the air.

“OK,” I said, “but that’s not enough. I am going to type up a release form that specifically states that each of you is in 100% agreement with what has been proposed. Also that it was the class’s idea, and not mine.”

I knew, of course, that such an agreement wasn’t worth the paper it was written on but I figured once they all had signed it, they would think twice about ratting me out. I typed up an agreement couched in the most legal terms I could dream up and had spaces at the bottom where all seven could sign their names in agreement.

Once all seven signatures were on it, I put the document in my briefcase. While doing this I noticed the group had put their heads together and were whispering among themselves.

“Mr. Brown,” Britney piped up, “we all agree that we don’t want you to just unzip your pants and take your thing out. We want you to take your pants and underwear completely off.”

So without any further ado, I stripped off my slacks and pulled down my underwear. Despite the distraction of typing up the agreement and getting the signatures, my cock had continued to harden while my mind raced over the idea of exposing myself to these young girls. So when I pulled down my Jockeys, my prick literally sprang out and slapped against my stomach. There was a collective gasp from my admirers when they first saw my erect prick. My cock, when fully hard, is a good eight inches and quite thick. I looked down at myself to see that it was a bright red and already oozing some precum at the tip.

Young Lindsey, one of the 14 year olds, couldn’t contain herself and blurted out “Omigod….I never knew that a penis was that big!!”

The drawings that the school had prepared had actually shown an erect penis that was quite small….even smaller than an average cock. I guess they didn’t want these drawings to be overtly sexual. So when the girls first caught sight of my prick, I guess it was quite a shock.

“Penises come in all sizes” I volunteered, “and mine just happens to be a little on the large size. Have any of you seen an erect penis before? And if so, please tell us where and what the circumstances were. Let’s see a show of hands.

Only two hands were raised. One was fifteen year-old Britney, which didn’t surprise me, and the other was fourteen year-old Nicole. I pointed to Britney to go first since she seemed to be more comfortable talking in front of the group.

“The only erect penis I have ever seen was my dad’s. And only once. It is nowhere near as big as yours. He and mom were playing around on the sofa after I had gone to bed. I came back down the stairs to get something to drink and saw them. Mom was playing with dad’s hard penis. I didn’t stick around to see what else happened.”

I pointed to Nicole. “What was your experience,” I asked.

“It was my brother. He’s sixteen. This just happened last semester break. I guess he thought he was home all alone but I had come in unexpectedly and caught him jacking off. As soon as he saw me he stuffed his penis back into his jeans. He was really upset and made me promise not to tell. His was much, much smaller than yours. I had no idea that a penis could ever be as big as yours.”

While this conversation was going on, I was leisurely stroking my penis with one hand while lightly squeezing my nuts with the other. I didn’t need this stimulation to keep it hard. Just standing in front of seven teens with my prick exposed was more than enough to keep it hard.

“OK,” I said, “that leaves five of you who have never seen an erect penis before. I think the next step is for me to go around to each of you individually and let you get a close up view so you fully understand what a hard penis looks like. We will start with you, Britney.”

With that I stepped forward and stood next to Britney’s desk. I was standing so that my penis was less than six inches from her face. My cock was so hard that it was standing straight up. I released my hand from it so she could get the full experience of checking it out.

“What is that wet stuff at the tip?” she wanted to know.

“That’s called pre-cum,” I answered, “and it is extremely slippery. It seeps out of the man’s penis when he is aroused and it’s purpose is to coat the head of the cock so that it will easily slip into a woman’s vagina.”

We had already covered intercourse in some of the earlier classes so they knew what I was talking about.

“That’s fascinating,” Britney responded.

And without thinking she involuntarily put out a finger and got a dollop of pre-cum in her finger tip. She then rubbed two fingers together with the pre-cum between them.

“Wow….that stuff is really slippery” she exclaimed. “the rest of you guys have to feel it too.”

Before I could move to the next girl, Britney said, “To really benefit from this demonstration, I think you need to let us find out what a hard cock feels like in our hand.”

And before I could answer she reached out and grasped my cock. Her little hand and fingers couldn’t go completely around it but she did take a nice firm grip on it.

“Ooohhh,” she exclaimed, “it feels really hot and also hard and soft at the same time.” She slid her fingers up to the head and began kneading my knob. More pre-cum was drooling out and she took some and spread it all over the head of my cock. The feeling of her young teen fingers massaging the head of my prick was out of this world. At that point I would have been more than happy to just stand there and let her continue to explore my prick. Just before I started to move to the next girl she reached out and cupped my balls with her other hand. She began to gently massage them while rubbing my cockhead. I really thought I might cum so I gently pulled away while telling her that I had to give the other members of the class an opportunity. She reluctantly let go and I moved to the next girl, Kim, who was one of the 14 year olds.

Emboldened by what she had seen Britney do, Kim immediately tried to wrap her hand around my cock and grabbed my nuts with her other hand. Her hand on my testicles was actually somewhat painful so I had to let her and the others know that balls had to be treated very gently. I showed her how she could let them roll between her fingers and that it was ok to tug on them as long as she didn’t actually squeeze the two hard nuts inside my sack.

After giving each girl an opportunity to feel my cock and examine it up close, I returned to the head of the class. I leaned back against my desk and started to stroke my cock. I proceeded to demonstrate all the different ways that a cock could be masturbated. Several times I had to stop because I was so close to cumming.

Britney asked if I was going to eventually let them see me cum and I replied that I was. I was very close right then but I wanted to make this last as long as I could.

Then one of the 14 year olds who hadn’t really said anything and who had very gently felt my cock raised her hand.

“Mr. Brown,” she said, “I have an idea that I would like to suggest. How about if you let each one of us masturbate your penis and whoever does it the best gets to make you cum?”

“Amber,” I replied, “I think that is a great idea but I am not sure that I can keep from cumming while all seven of you demonstrate your ability. I am very close to cumming right now. Between all the handling of my cock that you girls have already done, plus all the demonstrations that I have given, I am very close to ejaculating already.”

Britney piped up “I thought that a guy could take a breather for a while and the urge to cum would go away?”

“Yes, that’s true,” I replied, “ we can certainly try that. If I feel I am about to cum, then I will tell you to stop but you must promise me that you will obey my order.”

They all agreed. So we prepared seven slips of paper numbered 1 through 7 and the girls took turns drawing the slips to determine the order that they would take masturbating me. There was one of those large clocks with a sweep second hand that is found in every school classroom. I told them that they each had 60 seconds to try out their masturbation techniques on my rampant penis. If any one of them had me about to cum before their 60 seconds were up, we would stop and give me a breather and then they could continue with whatever time was left. This fortunately had taken enough time to explain that my urge to cum was long gone.

Each girl took her turn masturbating me. I stood at the head of the class and leaned back against my desk while they did their thing. Most of them would stand on one side of me, depending on whether they were left or right handed. With some, one arm would be around my waist while the other grasped my cock and pumped away. Some would stand directly in front of me and stroke my cock with one hand and massage my nuts with the other. Fortunately my cock continued to produce a lot of pre-cum so they all had lubricant to help them stimulate my penis.

The real surprise was when number six got her turn. It was one of the 14 year olds and up to now, Mylie had been the most shy of all the girls. She got directly in front of me and in fact knelt down before me. She got up extremely close to me and at first I actually thought she was going to take the head of my cock into her mouth but that didn’t happen. She smeared the pre-cum all over the shaft and particularly right under the head and then started vigorously pumping my cock. While pumping my rock hard prick she took the index finger of her other hand and smeared it over the oozing pre-cum. I was so far out of it that I didn’t even stop to consider why she was doing this until I felt her finger slide right up my asshole. Omigod….I damn near unloaded all over her. I yelled out “Stop” and tried twisting away from her. Her finger slipped out of my ass but she wouldn’t let go of my cock. I finally pried her fingers from around my member.

“My god, Mylie,” I panted, “I almost sprayed a huge load of cum all over you. How would you explain that to your classmates out in the hall after this class? You would be dripping in cum.”

She apologized but I could tell she was secretly pleased that she almost made me cum.

“From what you tell me,” I said to them, “none of you have ever seen a man ejaculate. (This was before the internet back when kids this age were somewhat naive about sexual things.) So I have to warn you that you will be quite surprised at how much semen spurts out of a man’s cock when he cums. And the more foreplay that takes place, such as what we have been doing here for the last 90 minutes, the more cum shoots out. If Mylie had jerked my cock one or two more times, especially with her finger up my behind, I would have totally covered her in my hot sticky semen.”

Now they were all terribly excited about seeing me cum. We still had one student left to jack on my cock and I proceeded to let her have her 60 seconds of time pumping away on me.

After she had her turn, and before I could pick the winner, which I now decided was a bad idea anyway since it would make one girl happy and piss off the other six, one of the girls suggested that instead of me picking a winner that we automatically declare Mylie the winner since she was the only one who got me close to cumming. Truth be known, I almost came when every one of the seven jacked my cock but Mylie was the only one who I had to ask to stop.

The other girls all chimed in that they agreed that Mylie should have the honors. But Britney offered a qualification before she would agree. Since we had a great many more classes before the school year was over, she wanted me to agree that each week I would allow a different girl to jack me off until all seven had had that experience. Of course, I gladly agreed.

Mylie was more than pleased to be the one to have the honor of making me cum. To avoid anybody getting splattered since I knew that I would be shooting a huge load, I suggested that Mylie position herself at my side. She could use her right hand to jack my penis and she could put her left hand around my back and insert her finger in my ass if she still wanted to do that. Then I suggested that the other six girls position themselves with three on one side and three on the other with an open space in front of me where I could ejaculate my cum for all to see. We moved some of the desks out of the way so that there was a clear path for me to shoot.

Before we got started, I went to my briefcase and produced a bottle of Astro-Glide. I had planned to talk about it as a masturbation aid but hadn’t gotten around to it. By now they all knew the benefit of a lubricant but I was afraid that I might have depleted my supply of pre-cum. I took the bottle and squirted out a generous amount of the stuff on my cock and instructed Mylie to stroke it up and down to make sure my entire cock was coated. Then I dripped out some more onto the middle finger of her other hand and directed her to smear it around my asshole and even to slightly penetrate me to get me fully lubed.

While Mylie positioned herself, the other girls clustered around both sidea of us with all eyes intently on my still distended and now glistening slick prick. My erection was so hard, it was almost painful.

Mylie wrapped her petite little hand around my cock and expertly slid her middle finger into my anus. I almost came when her finger penetrated me.

Then she started to pump my huge prick. Her little fingers only going about half way around it’s impressive girth. But as she stroked me she rotated her fist as I had demonstrated to the group earlier so I was getting incredible stimulation over my entire cock.

I spread my legs so that she could get her finger even further up my anus and as she furiously pumped my cock, her finger was thrusting in and out of my asshole. I could feel my orgasm building and I tried every trick in the book to hold off ejaculating as long as possible because it just felt so damn good. But it was not to be. With a rush that even caught me by surprise I knew that my orgasm was only a pump or two away. Somehow Mylie seemed to know this as her grip on my cock tightened and the speed of her jacking increased so that her hand was but a blur on my prick.

“I’m cummmmming…..” I blurted out. And with those words the semen came boiling up my shaft and spurted out in stream after stream of hot, sticky goo. The first two shots had to have flown a good six feet and additional spurts were almost as long. Although I didn’t count them, the girls insisted that I had to have shot at least twelve or fifteen different spurts of cum. I don’t know the actual number but I know it was more than I had ever cum in my life. I am a voluminous ejaculator in normal times but this was far from normal and my cum splattered from one end of the classroom to the other.

I had instructed Mylie before we started that when I began spurting that she was to not only continue, but to, if possible, pump my penis even faster and not to stop until I told her to.

She was an outstanding student and a quick learner as she furiously pumped my cock even after the last strings of cum had spurted out. I finally could take it no longer and asked her to stop. She did stop jerking me but didn’t let go of my cock.

Where do these young girls learn this stuff? It must be natural instinct but even after she stopped pumping me, she did continue to very slowly milk the length of my softening penis to get every last drop of cum out of me. While this was going on the other girls just stood there with their mouths hanging open and shocked looks on their faces. Finally Britney volunteered that even after my warning about how much cum would be produced, they still weren’t ready for what they had just seen. They all excitedly chattered among themselves about how exciting it was to see my massive prick spew forth all that semen.

As I wiped the last few drops of semen from my wilting prick, Mylie used some paper towels to clean up her hands.

“Mr. Brown,” Britney said, “I can’t wait until we get to the class covering oral sex.”

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  1. Even though I orginally wrote this story, after reading it again, I found myself jacking off to it for probably the third or fourth time.

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