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Girl Wanking with Guys

lesbian girl wanking with guys

I’m mostly lesbian and I live in a progressive little New England town, where I fit in nicely. One day, I saw a listing in the monthly community center flyer that was super-crazy even for this place. I did a double-take when I saw it. Like most of the listings, there was a small, fuzzy picture above the text. This one showed two men sitting about 8 feet apart. Both were entirely naked, and both sporting erections. In the community flyer, really! It was small, and blurry, but there was no mistaking it.

Of course I had to read the text. I figured it was another drawing class. In the flyer, there’s an ad for the drawing class every month, and they often show a nude model, but tastefully posed or covered. But now, guys with erections?

I had been to one of the drawing classes. I’m happy to be in the presence of anyone naked. When I arrived, the model was wearing a bathrobe, and I suffered a momentary concern that she would not disrobe. But she did. The class was all very clinical. She sat there. We drew. My drawing was embarrassingly horrible. What can I say? I’m not an artist. I just wanted to have a thrill from seeing this woman naked. Weird, I know, but that’s me.

So, I’m reading this ad showing the two guys with erections, and it turns out to be a ‘tantric masturbation’ workshop. I called the number right away, and a pleasant man answered. I asked if women were allowed, or was it to be just a male thing. He told me he’d be delighted if I’d attend, but warned that most of the attendees would likely be male.

I couldn’t wait for the day to arrive. The workshop was to start at 1pm, but in my excitement, I arrived at 12:45. The instructor was already there. I knew him. He was a psychologist here in town who I often played pickleball with. I volunteered to help him set up. He had a basket of bed sheets, and had me cover the furniture with them and place some on the floor. The community center room we were in was like a big living room, with several sofas, easy chairs, and a big screen TV. He turned up the thermostat, telling me that when it’s warm, people are less resistant about disrobing, which would be necessary for this workshop. Just hearing that send another tingle through you-know-where.

The fifteen minutes before people started arriving was excruciating. Finally, they did show up. Carl, another guy from my pickleball group was there. For a guy, he’s pretty good-looking. Most of the the other guys were older, and a bit overweight. Oh well, it would still be fun.

Then Gloria walked in. I figured she was probably coming to the wrong room. She was probably there for the chess club, or line dancing, or something else going on in the building. But no, she was part of this group. I knew Gloria too. Small town, you know? She clerks at the natural food store. She and I once had lunch and we saw a movie together. We’re both lezzies, but for some reason, nothing more came of it.

I was beside myself with delight! I felt another tingle down there in my lower belly and pussy.

By five after, everyone who had signed up was there. Dave, the workshop leader, closed the door. Since the door has a glass window, it didn’t really afford privacy. I was somehow worried about that.

We did a thing where Dave went around the group and had us each introduce ourselves, and give a one-paragraph bio. Two of the guys identified as gay, most of the people were professionals except Gloria, and a guy who is a car mechanic. Well, I guess that’s professional too. A guy named George went on and on about how he just loves masturbation. I’m of the same mind, so it was fun to hear. When it was my turn, I said, “Hi, I’m Phil, Phyllis, actually. I’m bisexual, but mostly lesbian, and I’m super excited to be here.”

When it was Gloria’s turn, she simply said, “I think everyone here knows me already from the store.”

Dave got things under way with a little ceremony in which we disrobed. I felt a bit shy. Not so much because Gloria was there, and she kept glancing at me with a certain look in her eye, but because of the guys. OK, I guess I’m a bit more shy than I’d like to admit. I try to be a positive sexuality advocate, and normally am the first to be naked in any sort of group where nudity is the norm, like nude beach gatherings. This was my first-ever masturbation workshop. Oh, it was all so terribly exciting!

But the business at hand was to get naked in front of all these people, while they were also getting naked in front of me. Most of the guys seemed to have no trouble with it. A couple of them were kind of hanging back. So was Gloria. So was I. I noticed John, a tall, but also heavyset guy had removed his clothes super-fast, and was sporting an erection. I immediately had a new appreciation for heavyset people. I don’t know why, but I could almost have sex with this guy. There was something sexy about him. Maybe it was seeing his unabashed erection like that. I don’t know.

But, when in Rome… So, I did remove my clothing in front of those men. Gloria did too, as I glanced surreptitiously at her from time to time. What a fucking looker! This girl is hot! She’s got curly black hair, and looks remarkably like Betty Boop. She reminded me of Lucy, Rory’s tall college friend in Gilmore Girls, if you’ve ever seen that series. If not, go see it, it’s wonderful. I discovered she had no hair ‘down there,’ just like me. Oh, I much prefer hairless vaginas.

I got waxed the day before, just for this occasion. I get waxed pretty often. Yes, it’s kind of painful, but highly erotic. The practitioner is unfortunately very professional, and I keep dreaming that she’ll do a little something more for me, but no, it’s just waxing. I mean, she could at least kiss me when it’s all over. I really do love it when I’m on all fours and she’s doing my anal region. But it would be so much better, if she might linger there, pet my asshole, or even put her finger in a little bit. There goes my imagination, you know. I love thinking sexual thoughts.

Dave launched into a lecture, with people lounging around on the various sofas. Some of the men were erect, most were not. Gloria and I kept glancing at each other.

Finally we got down to business. The idea was to have light orgasms so we could keep going having repeated orgasms for an hour or more. This was brand-new to all the men. Some objected that it wouldn’t work. Dave insisted that it would, even though most might not actually get it in today’s session, but that the practice would be enjoyable. No one could deny that. I knew it would be no problem for me, having had multiple orgasms on many occasions. So, basically, there was nothing to be learned in this workshop for me, but hey, who cares about that? It was going to be fun!

So, we got underway. Each of us was masturbating ourselves, while conversing with others, or just lost in thought. Some of the guys had their eyes closed in bliss, which I thought was weird, with all this great scenery in the room. I noticed some of the other guys were just staring at me, and practically drooling. You’d think I’d be offended, but no, I am extremely proud of my body, and was happy to entertain these guys.

Dave was up and walking around the room, offering soft suggestions to this person or that. He too was naked, and sometimes erect, sometimes not as he gave his advice. Some of the guys would get up, and wank while standing, or move to another place to sit. A couple reclined on the floor.

At one point, Gloria stood up, and moved to another sofa. In the process, I got a good look at her smooth, small ass for the first time, since until then, she had always been facing me or sitting. I had an immediate, out-of-control orgasm. I tried, only somewhat successfully, to suppress a moan.

I kept masturbating. For me, this continuous business is easy. A couple of the guys ejaculated early, got dressed, perfunctorily thanked Dave, and left. I guess the’ll need more practice.

A couple of times, people in the hallway outside the door stopped and looked right in. What was going on in here was obvious. I could only imagine what some Karen might write up in the community center website’s comment section. However, I was thrilled when people looked in, saw us in all our naked glory, then walked away, looking shocked. For a moment, I wished I was a man, so I could proudly display an erection for them.

The workshop ended all too soon. We all thanked Dave, and begged him to hold another workshop soon. After dressing and out in the parking lot, Gloria came up to me, and asked, “How come we never hit it off?”

“I have no idea. You’re a hot chick,” I told her.

She and I did start dating. We have been living together for the past two years.

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