Gang Bang – Mixed-Gender Memoir

Garden Hose: High Pressure Test – Male POV coming-of-age story

Gary’s Penis Problem

Gay – Stories and Info of Gay Interest

Gay Bathhouse

Gay, Honest, and a Bit Aspergery – Male point of view

Gay Lewis in His Wheelchair

Gay: Not Your Typical Gay – Story

Gay Memoir – Basketball Spray

Gear Shifting – Male POV, coming of age

Geisha Balls – Ben wa balls

Geisha Balls, Fulfillment – story

Genital Modification

Right After Geometry – Female point of view

Getting the Cum Out to Get to the Good Stuff

Giant Penis – Male point of view

Girl At 14 – Coming of Age, Female POV

Girlfriend Blocked Ejaculation

Girlfriend Fingering Peehole – Male POV

Girlfriend is Cruel

Girlfriend Is Highly Unusual – Story

Girl Of A Thousand Fingers – Male POV

Girl Wanking With Guys

Girl’s Guide to Masturbation

Girl’s School – Male POV

Glans Blame – also known as kitohzeme

Glans Rubbing, Buckets After – Male POV

Glans Rubbing – Young male memoir

Glans Rubbing – Intense male-male

Glans Rubbing – Female point of view

Glue from Semen? – Young brother and sister experiment.

Golden Shower: The act of one person urinating on one or more other people.

Gonads: The glands most responsible for reproduction – the ovaries and testes.



Go-To Fantasy

Grandin, Temple

Greatest Party – The Masturbate-A-Thon

Great Urological Exam

Groin Pull – Male – male therapeutic massage with an unexpected twist

Group – Weekly get-together

Group Workshop – Former chef turns to a new line of work

Growers and Showers

Grower, Not a Shower, Exploits


G-Spot Stimulation

Guide to Masturbation for Parents

Guide to Masturbation for Women

Guilt: Many people feel guilty after masturbation. This is caused by the old-school mistaken belief that masturbation is somehow bad for one’s health or morality. Having been brought up in an environment that’s not supportive of masturbation, they may feel they have done something terribly wrong. Fortunately, as we grow older, most people gain enough experience to realize the guilt is entirely unnecessary.

Another cause of guilt can be after intercourse, in which a person feels a concern that they may have exposed themselves or another person to a sexually-transmitted disease (STD), physical damage, or possible pregnancy. The reason guilt is part of the human experience is to help prevent us from making similar mistakes in the future.

Gynecology: The branch of medicine specializing in women’s sexual organs.

Gyno Exam Gone Crazy

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