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G-Spot Stimulation

Try this, but understand it won’t work every time with every woman. However, if you are gentle and caring, almost all will enjoy your effort.

Once she is ready, which means after lots of foreplay which might involve kissing, massage then possibly clit licking (, you may notice that her inner labia have widened. She may also have some wetness in her vaginal area. This is a generalization. Most women are slower to ‘warm up’ than men, so foreplay is a good idea. Also, everyone is somewhat different in their physiology.

You can also feel free to communicate. When the mood is right, and you let her know that you intend to stimulate her G-spot, she may be very receptive. More so than if you were to just jump right in.

So, when the time is right, introduce a well-lubed finger slowly into her vagina. Once she’s used to that, put in two fingers. Now, get in a position where you can curl your two fingers upward against the front wall of her body just above the vaginal opening. So, your fingers are in her, and curved up and forward. If you lightly stroke the area, it should feel kind of rough like lots of little ridges on her inner surface sort of like soft fish scales. Experiment with depth, position and pressure letting her know she is welcome to tell you what works for her and what does not.

In time, she may have an amazingly strong orgasm that may be better than any clitoral orgasm she’s ever had. Or maybe not. Go in with no expectations, and you may be pleasantly surprised. When a woman does have such an orgasm it is as delightful, or maybe even more delightful for you than when you have your own orgasm.

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