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Former Chef

Jeff owned a restaurant. I was the head chef. I was proud of my work. I enjoyed coming into the kitchen every day. Then Covid-19 shut us down. At first, Jeff was enthusiastically telling us it was a month of paid vacation. Then he couldn’t afford it any more, and it became unpaid vacation. For me, the stimulus checks and unemployment helped. But Jeff didn’t have it so easy. The landlord wanted the rent. The rental moratorium didn’t cover retail and commercial operations. He was a real jerk about it. Between that last month of payroll, taxes and the landlord, Jeff lost everything, including the building he rented and all the equipment in it.

Shortly after he hit bottom, I got a call from Jeff. It was the weirdest call of my life. Jeff had a new business idea. He was going to go ahead with or without me. Did I want in?

He went on to explain that in this era of social distancing, masturbation was a perfect solution. If people could be comfortable with masturbating, they’d be happier staying safely at home, plus they could enjoy all the regular benefits of masturbation. Jeff had brought up the benefits of wanking, and some crazy theories more than once at work, but then, I figured it was just idle conversation. I found his carrying on amusing, worried that he might be a little off the deep end in his advocacy of wanking, but didn’t think much more about it.

Then this call came along. He was convinced there was money in wanking videos. That people would pay to learn advanced masturbatory techniques. So far, so good. I was figuring he might somehow have some white board animations, maybe some still pictures from Wikipedia, and lecture about wanking. I didn’t quite know what he wanted from me, but I was guessing it would be setting up a website, as I had done for the restaurant. That would be cool.

The next day, he called again. He had changed his mind. He decided that videos wouldn’t sell. What people really needed was wanking workshops. I still didn’t realize the degree to which he wanted me involved. I still thought it was about setting up a website for him. Then it occurred to me he might want me to take tickets, sell things out of the back of the room, maybe even prepare snacks for the workshops.

I was starting to like the idea. Anything was better than staying home and cooking for no one but my wife and kids. I was imagining maybe being on the road, maybe in a tour bus like a rock band or something. I was unfortunately tuning Jeff out as he was speaking on the phone. So, I really didn’t catch the part about actually demonstrating the techniques at first. When I finally caught on, I had already said ‘Yes.’

So, then of course I quickly charged my mind. I said, “No! No fucking way!”

But impending poverty has a way of influencing a man. He and I talked about it for an hour. I have to admit I’ve always had fantasies about being watched while masturbating. This conversation did make me kind of horny. But still!

Then he called the next day, and talked some more. The idea was growing on me. But how could I bring that up to my wife? Ellen has always made fun of anything unconventional – pretty much any ideas I’ve brought up, she’s shot down. That’s why I had been working for Jeff all these years. Without her, I might have started a crazy restaurant on my own, and it probably would have failed.

I was starting to lean toward the idea. I actually jerked off thinking about it. Finally I did very gently try to tell Ellen about it.

I started with “I’ve got to do something to earn a living again, right?”

She agreed.

“I mean, pretty much anything that comes along at this point, because as a chef, I probably don’t have a chance in hell of being hired anywhere.”

She continued to agree.

“Well, Jeff has an idea…”

She got all yelly. “YOU’VE GOT TO BE FUKING KIDDING! That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard.” – and so on.

Funny thing is, we had great sex that evening. I wondered if the idea had made her horny. I found out the next day: Quietly, when the kids were in the other room doing their schooling, she asked, “Tell me more about Jeff’s stupid idea.”

I filled her in on as much as I knew.

Two days passed. Ellen said not only that I could do it, but that she’d have to come along to keep an eye on me. However, Jeff hadn’t called back. Either he decided it was an unviable idea, or maybe he had found someone else in the meantime.

I waited until I couldn’t stand it any longer, then I phoned him.

“No, he was still going to do it. He was delighted that I’d participate. Then, he was even more delighted to hear that Ellen was onboard also.

Jeff hadn’t been idle. He got four more people from the restaurant to sign on, Jorge, Suzanne, Marie, and Tai.

Jeff went on to explain that a meeting would be set in which we would work out a plan.

The next day, at 2pm, we all got together at Jeff’s house. I’m sure we all felt very adult about what we were planning. Rebellious. Maybe naughty. And more than anything, nervous and scared.

It was a socratic discussion. Jeff started with a general listing of all the good things about masturbation, as if we hadn’t heard him talk about this topic several times before in the restaurant. But this time it was different. It was something that was going to involve all of us. Then he reiterated the very general idea, that we’d lead workshops on advanced masturbation techniques for both men and women. He had researched the legalities, and found there would be no problems. Then, we all discussed the specifics.

First, we covered general things, like every workshop attendee had to be eight feet apart and masked.

Though we all felt very awkward at the beginning, we started opening up, pitching ideas, and offering little biographical tidbits. Most of us didn’t really know anything special about masturbation. Jeff, on the other hand, was a real expert, talking about peegasms, extended orgasm, the G-spot, A-spot and P-spot, and all sorts of other things. He said he was going to teach us all these techniques. I was squirming in my chair. I was becoming very horny realizing that in some way, this was all about to become quite real with these people.

I had always admired the waitress, Marie. She’s quite a looker. Of course, I never made any advances. In fact, I seldom even ever spoke with her. Now she was part of our group. This was taking on a surreal quality. Would I actually get to see Marie naked?

As the meeting was coming to a close, Jeff announced we were to all meet at his house again tomorrow for a dress rehearsal. He called it an ‘undress rehearsal.’ We all laughed nervously.

Suzanne stood up and announced she couldn’t do it. She wished us well, we wished her well, and then she went home. Later on, she became our almost full-time babysitter.

Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach, like you’ve gotta go to the principal’s office, but so bad it actually hurts? That was me the next morning. What had I gotten myself into? And yet, at the same time, I was very much looking forward to it. It seemed I might have a chance to see Marie nude, and that was exciting. But then, too, all the guys would see my wife nude, and that, somehow, was a real turn-on. I was also thinking about my erection. Would it be alright if I got an erection in front of all my co-workers? How would my wife react? Or worse, what if I was supposed to get an erection but couldn’t?

Finally, finally, 2pm rolled around. Ellen and I drove up, and knocked on Jeff’s door.

We were a couple of minutes early, so were the only ones, judging by no cars parked out front. In a moment, Jeff opened the door, but he did it strangely, as if hiding behind the door. We came in, and found out immediately what that was all about. There was my boss, as naked as the day he was born. It was shocking! I mean, the guy is good-looking, but you just don’t see people naked like that!

His penis was half erect. I think it was the first live penis I’ve seen beside my own in anything other than a flaccid state. I was surprised to feel a slight sympathetic reaction, a sort of quick pull, in my own genital region.

He said that Ellen and I should go ahead and undress. Somehow, I wasn’t expecting that. Oh, I mean, logically, I knew that all six of us would eventually be nude. There was no doubt about that. But, the actuality of it was right here, right now! My wife and I looked at each other. She looked like a deer caught in headlights. I’m sure I did also. I was half-afraid she scream and run out of the house, back to the car and drive home, or maybe I would.

Instead, both of us started pulling off our outer clothing. We got down to our underwear. As Ellen took off her bra, revealing her marvelous, full but natural breasts, I looked at Jeff to see his reaction. I was worried he might start staring and drooling or something. He simply glanced at her, and carried on texting someone on his phone. I on the other hand, seeing her breasts in a different light, got an immediate erection in my underwear. I think the different light was that other guys would be seeing her breasts. There was something about that which really turned me on.

As I pulled off my underpants, and my solid penis sprung out, I was having strong mixed emotions. One was like, “Is this alright?” I found I was literally shaking a little bit. Shivering, even though the house was warm. But the biggest thing I was feeling was an immense sense of something I can only describe as ‘freedom mixed with pride.’ Somehow, I really wanted Jeff to see my erection, as if to say, “See, I can totally get into the spirit of this!”

I noticed he had become fully erect, as he looked up from his phone and told Ellen and me that everyone had confirmed, but Marie was going to be a few minutes late.

The doorbell rang, and Jeff started walking toward the vestibule. To my complete surprise, Ellen said, “No, let me.”

Hiding herself behind the door, she opened it, letting in shocked looking George and Tai.

Everyone at the restaurant knew Ellen slightly, so they expressed surprise and joy that Ellen was part of the group.

Soon, the five of us were as completely naked and all probably slightly embarrassed. Jorge was erect. Tai was soft. Jeff and I had stayed mostly erect. Jeff and I were kind of idly pulling on our erections, not quite stroking. Jeff said perhaps we should all wait until the activities get under way. I was very much wondering what he had planned.

The doorbell rang again, and Ellen let in a surprised Marie. Soon, she was without clothing also. I love Ellen, but I have to say, I had to catch my breath when Marie removed her final piece of clothing. She’s not tall, she’s not skinny, but not fat either. Her tits are absolutely perfect. At least by my standards. I like them big, but not so big they flop forward. Ellen’s are like that. Just the right size. But unlike Ellen, Marie, with her dark skin, had almost black nipples. Beautiful!

After a bit of small talk, we all took seats in Jeff’s living room. Four of us were on the sofa, Marie was in a recliner. Ellen’s thigh was against my left leg, which I liked. Jorge’s thigh was against my right leg, which weirded me out momentarily. I almost pulled away, then thought that would be rather rude, so I just stuck it out. It didn’t affect my erection however, It was sticking up out of my lap at a solid 45-degree angle, just like Jorge’s. Looking over at Tai, I noticed he was still soft.

Pacing back and forth in front of the five of us like a school teacher, with his erect dick waving back and forth, Jeff started with the ladies. He said one thing we’d want to demonstrate was inner labia pulling.

He asked Ellen and Marie to get next to each other on a wide air mattress he had placed on the floor. They got on the mattress, smiling at each other, then side by side, following Jeff’s instructions, they started gently pulling their own inner labia. Quite soon, they both became quite wet and were having difficulties grasping their inner folds. I noticed that Marie’s inner folds were larger and darker than Ellen’s. As if I wasn’t already erect! Jeff explained that this is exactly what is wanted, that the lubrication, and slipperiness, makes pulling difficult in a way, but is supposed to feel really nice. Both women confirmed with “Oh yes,” and “Um hum!” The women kept doing that for a moment when my wife started groaning and arching her back.

Jeff interrupted, saying, “No, we don’t want you to orgasm yet.” Looking perhaps a bit disappointed. Ellen and Marie both stopped pulling their labia.

“Now for the guys,” Jeff announced.

He instructed all three of us to take the ladies’ place on the air mattress. Again, Jorge’s thigh was against mine, and now Tai was pressing on the other side of me. It kind of geeked me out. I was losing my erection, but Jorge was still big and solid, which I have to admit looked great against his small body.

“The first thing is dealing with non-erections,” Jeff instructed.

He then knelt down next to Tai, and ever so gently started touching the guy’s scrotum. I was once again shocked. Here was a guy touching another guy, and acting as if it was an everyday occurrence. I was sitting just upright enough that I could see Tai’s scrotum tighten up a bit. I could imagine it must have tickled. Jeff continued stroking Tai’s scrotum lightly, ever so lightly. Tai surprised me by quietly saying, “Yum!” His penis started twitching with every stroke, and within a minute, was as erect as Jeff and Jorge were.

“So, that’s one technique we’ll definitely want to demonstrate.” Coming over to me, Jeff started doing the same thing, but to my frenulum. My already penis jumped with every super-light touch and quickly became a good, solid erection. As he was doing so, he was explaining some other techniques to get a soft guy hard. Everyone was watching intently. I didn’t realize what an exhibition I was until that moment. I was loving the attention. I looked at my wife who’s eyes were literally watery with horniness.

Jeff then launched into an explanation of extended male orgasms. This was something that us guys were to practice and learn. He had the three of us edging ourselves there on that air mattress, as he was edging himself. I had lost my concern about the other guys’ legs against mine. I was already in some new kind of heaven.

Despite what Jeff was telling us about not cumming, Tai squirted cum out all over his tummy, and within seconds, so did I. Seeing that, Jorge started stroking himself vigorously, and came a moment later.

Jeff seemed slightly disappointed, saying that was expected the first time, but that we’d have to learn how to get into a state where we can orgasm but not cum. He assured us it was possible.

Tai expressed disbelief, so Jeff had us get off the mattress and laid himself down. He started stroking his own circumcised penis while he had us, including the women, watch.

Even though I had just cum, I was still horny. I think that’s the first time it had ever happened like that in my life. Normally, after I cum, I’ve had it for at least a good half-hour, if not a whole day.

Meanwhile, Jeff was still wanking. Now, he was kind of occasionally jerking spasmodically, and moaning. He slowed down, and then instructed Ellen to come down next to the mattress. He had her put her fingertips between his spread-eagled legs and feel the area between his balls and his anus. She told us that he was indeed orgasming. She could feel his contractions. Next he had Marie, then Jorge, Kai, and finally me, feel his perineal area. I have to say, to my surprise, that was a real turn-on to have my fingers there and feel a guy dry orgasming like that. For some reason, and to my great surprise, I wanted to wrap my fingers around his penis and jerk him off, but I refrained.

That evening, Ellen and I decided to practice some of the things we learned. I think I was able to have some orgasmic contractions without cumming, but then I came a minute later. I was able to give her a G-spot orgasm, which she had never experienced before, and which she loved!

Fast forward a week, and Tai and I had become a little bit proficient at the extended orgasm thing. Jorge had not mastered it. Jeff said that was good. That in our demonstrations, we should be able to show things naturally, the way they are, including not being able to do everything we were going to teach.

We learned about the extremely torturous glans rubbing. We learned about sounding, testicle massage, pressing against the back of a woman’s cervix through her anus, and other wonderful and exciting techniques. Now, a woman can’t reach into her ass sufficiently, so demonstrating that technique required someone else to do it. I was delighted to see Ellen place her finger in Marie’s beautiful anus giving Marie a wonderful anally stimulated orgasm. Ellen did it now without being geeked out by touching another woman, and with absolute joy! Marie equally returned the favor.

Our training continued daily. Jeff instructed us all to remove the hair from our genital regions. Both Tai and Jorge took it way further, removing their chest, underarm, back, stomach and leg hair.

During the couple of weeks of our training. there were several occasions in which guys touched guys. At first, I’m not sure I liked it. Or perhaps, I should explain: I was against it on some sort of deeply rooted principle. However, once it started happening, I was very much enjoying it. Especially when Jeff, Jorge, or Tai would put fingers in my butt giving me prostate massages.

I became nearly as good as Jeff at prolonged dry orgasms. I was loving everything about our practice sessions.

Finally, we had a real booking. We were to appear in a private home in front of eight paying clients, five women and three men. Talk about stage fright!

We were clunky in a way, but everyone, including the workshop attendees, had a great time. I’m sure those eight people went home and masturbated big time, practicing their new techniques. Or maybe just from having seen our lovely women, Marie and Ellen, and us guys, doing our things during the workshop.

In our first few workshops, the attendees remained fully clothed, and just watched the six of us. After the workshops, they told us they were absolutely delighted, except for one thing: Most of them really wanted to participate in a hands-on way.

It didn’t take us long to figure out that all attendees should be fully naked during the entire session. It’s kind of weird to see a whole bunch of naked people wearing face masks and nothing else. After our demonstrations, we have them practice some of the techniques as we circulate throughout the room offering bits of individualized instruction here and there. So far, we’ve made it absolutely clear that no one is to touch anyone else. The only exception is the six of us do touch each other to demonstrate various techniques.

Do us guys cum when we shouldn’t during our demonstrations? Do the girls orgasm so much they lose interest? We try not to, but it happens sometimes. It’s all good. We’ve had involuntary urination, also. As Jeff explains in the workshops, the variations in human nature are endless, and any reaction, any good feelings, whether a guy is erect or not at any time, whether a person orgasms or not, it’s all unimportant. It’s all about having a good time, and building one’s health and self-esteem.

Fast forward to now. We have about one workshop a week. I’ve always been surprised to discover that we have more women than I expected. Our mix averages out to about sixty percent women, the rest men. The ages surprise us too. There are very few forty- and fift-year-olds. The groups tend to be young, typically mid-twenties, and old. We have lots of people over sixty. We generally drive out on a Friday, hold our workshop on Saturday, and sometimes have a Sunday workshop as well, then drive home on Monday. We travel in Jeff’s fancy new diesel motorhome. We aren’t getting rich, but we are making more money than we ever did in the restaurant. So far, our biggest audience has been 300 people. We are loving our new profession.

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