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Flabby Testicle

My friend and I get together to play every now and then. I wouldn’t say we’re gay. I’m not sure bisexual is even the right word. We mostly share handjobs.

I had read several years ago about a husband who had his wife squeeze his balls really hard for a while. He reported that the blood or fluid flowed out, and they became soft and flabby for a short while.

This fascinated me, so I asked my friend to try it. He squeezed my left testicle long and hard between his thumb and fingers. I had him squeeze just the right amount. Yes, it hurt, but not very much. In fact, it was oddly comforting. It was sufficient that his fingers turned white as the blood was squeezed out of them. It was probably about the same amount of pressure one would use to manually juice an orange.

He hung on for a long while until his fingers started to hurt too much. Then he let off the pressure and immediately compared my two balls with his fingertips. Sure enough, my left nut was soft and flabby compared to the right one which of course remained firm.

I then gingerly felt my balls myself, and confirmed his conclusion. The left one was definitely flabby. I couldn’t really assess it as well as I’d like because squeezing it further to test was painful.

A minute later, it returned to normal. We haven’t tried it again, but I want to someday. I’d like to go farther, so a testicle isn’t just sort of flabby, but really deflated. I think it’s safe, but I don’t know for sure.

The thing is, you should enjoy this report, but not try it yourself. Perhaps it is super-dangerous. Could it cause a ball to shrivel up and die? Could it cause a blood clot to travel elsewhere in your body and cause trouble? I’m no doctor, so I don’t know.

I don’t have any media of the session I just described, but here’s something similar, my balls squished somewhat flat in a testicle vise.

My balls squished flat in a testicle vise

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