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Fix-It Man

Fix-it man tools, erotic story

So I was fixing a garage door. A very simple job. It had a hundred quarter-twenty nuts and bolts that had come loose. Some had started to fall out. As I was working, a boy named Zack who seemed very young, but I later discovered was nineteen years old, just stood there watching me, saying nothing. I don’t generally like kids, and wished he’d go away, although as youngsters go, he had a certain appealing look to him.

Finally he said something. He admired the way I worked, whatever that meant. So I asked him, and he said he and his generation don’t really have manual dexterity. I knew what he meant. For most kids his age, If you can’t drag it with a finger or click it with a mouse, it can’t be done.

I don’t know what came over me, maybe it was his curly hair or something, but I offered to let him try, handing him the ratchet and 7/16-inch wrench. He stepped in, and I was amazed at how awkwardly he handled the tools. He tightened a couple of bolts, asking me how tight they should be, and looking really doubtful. Then he thanked me and left.

A week later I was back, repairing their lawn mower which had sheared a flywheel key. The kid watched the whole time, looking absolutely fascinated. Then he announced, “I want to be you.”


“I mean, I’d absolutely love to do what you do – to be just like you, a mobile fix-it man.”

“Um, OK.”

I worked in silence for a moment as he continued to watch. Then, I had to go to the hardware store to get a replacement key. He wanted to ride along. I was like, ‘No way.’ inside, but there was something I liked about the little bugger, so I let him ride.

On the way he asked whether I would train him. Could he be my apprentice?

I didn’t want to crush him, so I told him that he’s welcome to learn on his own, and if he gets good at this sort of work, there’s plenty of it, but I wasn’t any sort of teacher.

In the way that only kids his age can do, he kept pestering me. I was starting to lose my patience. Waiting for a traffic light to change, he asked yet one more time, “Couldn’t I just ride along with you on a few jobs?”

“Blow me!” I responded with more than a little annoyance showing. I hadn’t meant to say that, at least not consciously. Oddly, the picture of him actually blowing me, in my mind, started to play tricks with my mental state.

After a moment’s silence, he quietly said, “If that’s all it would take, I’d do it gladly.”

Inside, I was like ‘Oh, my god!” I was starting to realize something could really come of this. Like an idiot, and with a shaky voice I replied, “Oh, that wouldn’t be necessary. OK, tomorrow, I’ll pick you up at 7:45 in the morning. You can ride for just one day, OK? And, stay out of the way when I’m working. And, don’t talk to the clients.”

He was all smiles. But I could have handled that much differently. First I didn’t really want anyone, especially a kid riding along. But then, I had a chance for a blow job from this appealing boy and blew it. Funny choice of words, eh?

But, I was all torn up inside. Why was I getting so sexually excited by this kid that my voice, and my whole body started shaking? I’m into women, not guys, especially young ones. This was crazy.

The next day went surprisingly well. He turned out to be quite useful. When I was on a ladder and had to get some more things, he got them out of the truck and handed them up. I showed him how to work a grinder, and he saved me a half-hour of smoothing the welds I had put on a gate. He then painted the gate for me. (I hate painting.)

He joined me for lunch, and it was pleasant. At the end of the day, he wanted to see my house. Normally, that would be ridiculous. I had planned to drop him off at his house, but he wanted to swing by my place first. He claimed he wanted to see how a fix-it man lives. This was getting way too personal, but for some reason, I complied.

For a moment, I had forgotten how young he was. I offered him a beer in my kitchen, which he declined. He wanted an orange soda instead. We were talking about this and that, mostly that I thought he should go to college, and what he’d have to learn to become a mobile repairman. He came right out and asked just like a kid will do, how much money I made. I told him that I was making just over $100,000. He said he thought that was enough. He was dead set on becoming a fix-it man, and didn’t need college. Suddenly he announced, “About that blow job…”

I cut him off, “It was a joke, kid.”

“No, it wasn’t. Not entirely. I owe you.”

“You mean, you took that seriously?”


“You don’t have to.”

“Well, Tony, I want to.”

Wow, wow, wow! This was really weird. So weird my knees were shaking and I had to literally sit down. I felt a sort of scared feeling in the pit of my stomach, and a kind of twinge in my crotch.

After some awkward conversation, we found ourselves in my bedroom, stripping off our clothes. When he was down to his remarkably white underpants, I knew he was the best looking kid I had ever seen. A moment later, he removed them, and I saw his cock for the first time. It was beautiful. And already hard. And shaved. I didn’t know kids his age did that. I guess at age 42, I’m behind the times.

Well, it wasn’t a blowjob I received. He started simply massaging me. When, he got to my super-erect penis, I came way too soon, like a teenager myself. That’s unusual for me. I’m usually very good at holding back ejaculations. He seemed absolutely delighted as he wiped the cum off his hand. It was one of the strongest orgasms of my life.

Of course, I reciprocated. I thought he’d like a blowjob, which although I don’t care for the taste of cum, I was willing to do. But no, he wanted a handjob. I had him lay on my bed while I pulled over my rolling chair. I reached forward to touch his way hard and throbbing penis. The very moment I touched it, he started pumping out cum all over his stomach. I was disappointed and delighted at the same time.

Afterward, we talked, and he told me that premature ejaculation was a big problem for him. I told him there are exercises one can do to overcome that. In the same way that he asked me to let him ride along that morning, he now asked me whether I could help him practice the exercises. I didn’t resist for a moment. I honestly let him know I’d love that. He smiled.

Let’s fast forward a bit. I talked with his parents about letting him become my apprentice, and that went well, except for one part. One that caused me immediate fear and embarrassment. They said they were fine with the plan. Delighted in fact. And, they told me that our sexual activity was fine with them too. That’s the part that freaked me out. But only for a moment. After I unpacked that statement, I realized that although they knew I was having sexual activities with their boy, I also realized that it was not a concern.

The fact is, after that first encounter, it had been entirely handjobs, both ways. Me helping him to learn to hold off cumming – which wasn’t working out too well yet, and he giving me the most fantastic happy ending massages. I guess I’m not 100% gay. I mean, I still like women. As to the kid, I still wasn’t sure, but I had the impression he was similarly bisexual, but certainly had no qualms about doing things with me.

So, Zack rode with me every day for two years. It was a wonderful time. At the end of that time, we both knew it was time for him to set out on his own. He moved to a town 100 miles away, and is now a very professional fix-it man in his own right. We do get together every few months, but I miss him.

A couple of months ago, he introduced me to his girlfriend, Beverly. She took one look at me, and said, “So this is Tony!” Fifteen minutes later found me in his bed with Bev and him. She was very pretty, a sexual monster, and I was delighted for him. Next time we get together, I’m going to bring Angela. She knows all about Zack, and can’t wait to meet him and Bev, and play with us.

Oh, by the way, he learned not only to avoid premature ejaculation, but we decided to see how far we could take it. I got him to the point where he could separate orgasms from ejaculation. I could (sometimes) get his cock pulsing in my hands with orgasmic contractions, nothing would cum out, and I could continue, giving him orgasm after orgasm, until he finally did ejaculate. Of course, he did the same for me.

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  1. Wow! I Loved it. It felt like I was right there watching.

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