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Five Minutes

New masturbation technique - continuous orgasm lasting over 5 minutes

So, last night, as my wife lay sleeping, I woke up around 3am. That happens sometimes, and when it does, I have trouble getting back to sleep. Therefore, I usually get up and do something, such as writing posts for my website.

But last night, I just stayed in bed and started touching my cock to get it hard. Then I started masturbating, and as is my practice of the last ten years or so, I bring myself to a light ongoing orgasmic state, but don’t ejaculate. Now that I’m practiced, I can stay in a heavy orgasmic state, complete with occasional contractions of the urethra, for over five minutes.

That may not sound like much to you, but just try counting out sixty seconds, and imagine yourself in continuous orgasm for five times that long.

I had an idea, and since I wasn’t sleepy, I grabbed my phone and went into the living room. I reclined on the sofa, and set up the stopwatch function on my phone.

I started wanking, and since I had recently been in orgasm for a while, and hadn’t ejaculated, it didn’t take but a moment to get hard again and then start in on orgasm. I started the stopwatch.

I kept wanking, but varying the speed of stroking from zero to several strokes per second, depending on the level of my orgasm. If I thought I might accidentally ejaculate, I slowed down. If the feeling was starting to subside, I picked up the pace.

I should describe the feeling. Of course you know what an orgasm feels like, but when you extend it way out like this, it’s somewhat different, and dare I say, even more enjoyable. It’s a chill that mostly affects the genital region, but sometimes I also feel it in my stomach, my neck, and even the top of my head. Strange, but true, I know. It’s more than a remarkable chill. I call it ‘springs and chills.’

Until now, I had just assumed I could stay in orgasm for 5 minutes. I never actually timed it. On this occasion, according to the stopwatch, I finally fell off, without ejaculating, after 5 minutes and ten seconds.

Do you want to learn to do the same thing? It’s fairly easy, and I believe any man or woman can learn it. Perhaps it’s easier for some women, because they don’t actually ejaculate, and many women can have several orgasms in a single session. When a man ejaculates, his mood generally shifts so that he doesn’t want any more stimulation.

Whether you are a man or a woman, here’s what you do:

1. Become sexually aroused.

2. Get close to having an orgasm, then back off.

3. But back off only for a moment, and maybe not completely. In other words, you might want to maintain light stroking, as long as it won’t drive you over the edge of an ejaculation, or a crashing orgasm if you’re a woman.

4. Really concentrate on what you’re feeling in your body. After a while you can get the chills, and maintain that state by backing off if you’re too close to ejaculating, and ramp up the stimulation if you’re starting to fall off. Soon, you can stay in the chills state for ever-longer periods of time.

You may not think this is an ‘orgasm’ because you’re not ejaculating, or not pulsating, but it is truly orgasm. You’re feeling the chills, right? And if you’re more experienced, you’re getting occasional contractions.

I’ve been in this orgasmic state to where it’s actually stronger and more delightful than an ejaculatory orgasm.

When I am finally done, it’s often because I’ve lost interest, and never did ejaculate. Now, some guys may have trouble believing this, but even though I don’t always ‘cum’ I feel totally satisfied.

Maybe you can’t believe any of this. All I can say is you need to try it for yourself. Patience may be required. You may think it’s fiction until the day you actually find yourself in a continuous dry orgasm.

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