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Family Ball Slapping

Family Ball (Testicle) Slapping

One evening about a year ago, when I was 24, while watching TV with my mother, Gilmore Girls, to be specific, my mom playfully slapped my balls. It was a fun, and bonding experience, that I thought would happen only once.

It turns out that’s become a favorite pastime of ours.

First, you should know, we are a nudist household. Oh, we don’t think of it that way. We’re not official ‘nudists’ or anything. We just tend not to wear clothes, especially when it’s warm outside. It lowers the air conditioning cost. Or, at least that’s the excuse. Why we overheat the house in the winter, and still go without clothes, I can’t explain.

That first time, I was laying with my legs stretched across her lap. Since then, we have repeated it a whole bunch of times, but now, I usually scoot up so I’m still laying across her on the sofa, but scootched up so that my ass is on her lap. Sometimes we do it in other positions.

So here’s the drill. We’ll see something on the TV that gets us horny. It doesn’t take much. Madonna at the Academy Awards or something. I may or may not spring a boner, but I’m certainly hard within a minute or two of Mom’s ‘treatment.’

She’ll give my scrotum a little tap. We both laugh. Then she starts tapping out a drum beat, or just randomly, and she starts tapping harder. It’s not enough to hurt. It is enough to make us laugh our heads off, as my unattended boner waves in the air. This works best when my scrotum is drawn up tight, but I’m not opposed to whatever the situation is.

Usually she does it until I cum, making sure to get it all on my stomach, not on the sofa. One time, a day after I had accidentally gotten a drop of cum on the sofa, as I was ejaculating, she squeezed the end of my penis with her thumb and first finger. Now that was interesting! I spasmed and spasmed. My dick was pulsing for quite a long time, but of course she wouldn’t let anything out. It scared me, but delighted me at the same time. It turns out that it didn’t hurt a bit. When she finally let go, a whole two or three minutes later, by which time my dick had become soft, only a little spurt of cum flowed out on my stomach. Where did the rest go? I don’t know.

Mom explained that she does that to Dad all the time.

As I mentioned, we have done ball slapping several times. It has also permeated the family. Now, my dad gets the same treatment, sometimes right in front of us kids, my mom and sister get their own version, which is of course pussy slapping, and sometimes my father and my sister will do it to me also.

We do other things too, but this ball slapping thing takes center court. Yesterday, my crazy sister took it one step further. I had been slapping her tits, right on her nipples, which she loves, and was fingering her pussy at the same time. She had a few orgasms, then settled down.

It was then that she instructed me to slouch forward on a chair so she had full access to me. She kneeled down in front, and then to one side so she could get good access to my nutsack. She started slapping. Then she licked her finger and jammed it into my butt. And, I do mean jam. In my opinion, one should put a finger in the anus slowly. Not my sister. She just stuck it right in, causing my eyes to open wide. I yelled laughingly, but at the same time, I started ejaculating. That was fun.

Tomorrow, or maybe later today, she’s going to get a finger in her butt. Another thing I haven’t done yet, to Mom, Dad or my sister is to try anus slapping. I think that would be interesting.

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  1. Hot hot, never did ball slapping but had a girl friend who loved to have her pussy spanked, or she would spank her own pussy as watched and stroked off. It was great when we both came at the same time.

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