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Fall Asleep with Wife

falling asleep during wife's handjob

Just like your wife, mine has lost interest in sex. I guess it’s a hormonal thing, and I understand it is common. Some women go for hormone replacement therapy, but my wife doesn’t think it’s safe. She says she misses sex, but can’t stand to participate any more.

Fortunately, she understands my situation, and has been giving me handjobs nearly every day. I have come to really appreciate them, and when I think back on all our years of sex, I really believe I’m having more joy now. I know that sounds odd, but it’s true.

When we used to have sex, it took energy tussling all around in the bed. I had to do things to please her, and there were the times even then, when she, or I, wasn’t interested. Typically, I’d cum too soon, and then have to lick her, or rub her to orgasm.

So now, all of that ‘work’ has disappeared. She just gives me handjobs and doesn’t expect any work in return. She’ really enjoys talking, so as she’s giving me those handjobs, she carries on about her day’s activities, her friends, household things, and so on. Sarah claims she’s getting as much out of our sessions as I do. I’ve wondered about that, and questioned her about that a few times, but I know it’s true, because on many occasions, she’s the one who asks me whether I want a handjob, and she asks with enthusiasm.

As you might imagine, they’ve taken on a new dimension. In the beginning, she’d simply touch me lightly, maybe tickle my scrotum or glans to get me hard, then she’d stroke me to completion, with my cum squirting over her hand and my belly.

Then she learned that I really like testicle massage. It took a while for her to understand that my balls aren’t fragile. They’re like chicken gizzards and can be squeezed quite hard, although within reason, much to my pleasure. I like the slight pain, but of course nothing severe. It makes me feel alive. Sometimes for hours afterward, I feel a certain conscious heaviness in my balls, which I rather like.

Then she discovered edging. She’d bring me to the brink several times before I’d finally ejaculate.

Taking that a step further, between us, with me directing verbally, she could take me to where I’d orgasm, contractions and all, but wouldn’t cum, or maybe a single drip would come out. We were delighted to discover that she could do this to me over and over again. We have even evolved that to the point where she can keep me in dry orgasm for minutes at a time. I’ll feel the most delicious fever-like intensity in my stomach and groin area, and it just keeps going and going.

Lately, it has evolved further. I’ve become so comfortable with her handjobs that sometimes I may not orgasm at all. That’s fine, because I know I can orgasm whenever I want. If not today, then tomorrow’s OK. In the past few weeks, I’ve fallen asleep three or four times with her stroking my totally erect penis. Cool, eh?

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