Facts About Masturbation

Facts – Sexual Trivia

Fake ED and Vaginal Tune-Ups

Faking and Detection, Male

Fall Asleep with Wife

Falling in a Cold Lake with an Old Dude

Family: All In The Family – Female point of view story

Family: Aunt Jean and Uncle Larry

Family Erections

Family, Aw, Sis – Family, Sister and brother

Family, Ballbusting Sister – A short story

Family Ball Slapping

Family, Caught By Dad – A short memoir

Family Erections

Family Masturbation Night

Family Naked Bike Ride

The Family that Cums Together – Male point of view story

Family – Rubbing My Brother’s Glans

Family – Sister Waxing Brother

Family, Strange – Female POV

Famous Basketball Coach’s Experiment – Male point of view story


Father Catches Boy At 13

Father – With Dad

Favorite Fetish, Glans Blame

Fear, Overcoming – Actor’s Junto, Male point of view story

Feeling Her Ovaries – Short Memoir

Feeling Like a Kid Among Adults – Male-male, embarrassing

Fellatio – oral sex specifically involving the mouth and a penis or scrotum.

Fellatio – 43 first time blowjobs by women

Fellow – Male POV, male-male

Female Couple Memory Game – Tile Game

Female Waxing – Very Intimate Memoir

FFM: Sandy and Amber – Mother, daughter and a man

fiddling the flesh flute – A colloquial term for male masturbation.

Fifteen Minutes Straight – male orgasm

Fingering Wife

Finger in Anus – Digital rectal exam

Fingers, Girl Of A Thousand Fingers – Male POV

Finger, One-Finger Male Orgasm

Fingering: G-Spot Stimulation

Fingering Urethra – Info and Memoirs

Fingers, The Laying On Of – Story, female point of view

Fired! – Female POV

First: Mother Gives Daughter Her First Orgasm

First Reactions to a Hard Cock

My First Time – Male POV

Fisting – Info

Fisting, Anal

Fisting My Sister – Male POV

Fisting, Punch Fisting – Info

Fisting with Two Hands – Info

Fisting, Anal, Girlfriend – Story

Fix-It Man – Male homoerotica

Flagpole – a very short memoir

Fleshlight: – a tube with a soft inner lining placed over the penis to simulate a vagina. Fleshlight is a brand name that has also been used generically to represent such tubular male masturbaters by any manufacturer.

Flicking the Bean: – another term for female masturbation. The ‘bean’ refers to the clitoris.

Flight Attendant – Wild stewardess

Flabby Testicle – Strange testicular experiment

Floating on a Pond with Cindy

Fluffer – A very strange but true line of work

Foam – Male-male, unusual mutual wank session

Football – Football player’s massage with an unexpected twist

Forced: Cum Forced Backward

Foreskin – Info

Foreskin Restoration – Info

Former Chef – Group, Male POV

Fortress, On The Way – Male POV Nude Beach Story

Fountain Party: Two or more people playing with urination or female ejaculation. Typically, this would be one woman laying on her back and shooting pee or female ejaculate into the air while her friends encourage her. They may or may not get wet. Other versions include any type of watersports.

Foursome, After Ejaculation – Story

Foxhole, a Strange Erotic Story – Story, bisexual, male point of view

Fracture of Penis

Fractured: Uncle Don Broke My Penis

Franklin, Ben – On the Choice of a Mistress

Mr. Franklin and The Sexuality Class – heterosexual fiction

Freak Out, Brother and Sister

Freikörperkultur – Also known as FKK, this is ‘free body culture,’ a movement, primarily exhibited in Germany, where practitioners get together on nude beaches and at resorts. Sexual interaction is generally not a part of FKK.

French President Felix Faure Died While Receiving a Blowjob – Fact

Frenulum Breve

Frenulum Play

Frenum ladder: A series of piercings that run along the underside of the penis, starting at the frenulum.

Frenulum Pulling – Covid Roommates, short homoerotic story

Friend Cum Blocking – A friend blocks his ejaculation

Friends and Family Members – Multiple Male and Female POV

Friend Needed Help With Her Vagina – Male POV

Friends and Sister had a Most Incredible Request – Brother, Sister, Friends

From An Early Age – Male POV

Frustrates Me So Much – Male Massage, Female Practitioner

Fulfillment with Ben Wah Balls – story


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