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Electrostimulation – Estim

Electro-Stimulation, Also known as Estim, is the act of applying electricity to one’s body, typically the genitals. Most practitioners start with a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit, a device made initially for medical electro-stimulation. In medical settings, it can be used to relieve back and joint pain, as well as making dental and other procedures more bearable. The general idea is that electrical current is introduced through the skin. People have discovered that electro-stimulation can have very interesting sexual effects.

Using a TENS unit, two or more pads, about an inch (2.5 cm) square, are usually applied to the skin and an electrical charge of varying voltage and frequency is passed through them. The electricity can also be pulsed at a lower frequency, typically just a few cycles per second.

A man using electro-stimulation may place a pad near the tip of the penis, and another at the base of the scrotum. Others will place a pad on either side of the shaft or glans of the penis, or even above the penis on the lower abdomen. For women, a pad on either side of the vagina, or electrodes lightly clamped on the inner labia so current flows across the clitoris can particularly enjoyable. Others enjoy electrodes on the buttocks, whereas some people will go so far as to use electrodes embedded in anal and urethral plugs.

The effect can vary widely, depending on many factors including the nature of the electrical signal being applied, and placement of the pads or probes. Usually, it is a tingling sensation. Applied very lightly, in combination with intercourse or a handjob, it can enhance the effect without being noticed in its own right. Or, one can turn the intensity way up, and work very hard to be able to stand the current, often resulting in an almost immediate orgasm or even a hands-free ejaculation.

Be very careful about inducing a current where a current shouldn’t go especially if you use homemade equipment. You could damage your eyes, or brain, or even give yourself a heart attack by accidentally sending a current through your head, neck, or chest.

Here is a review that I emailed to a friend who asked about my experiences with estim:

I have played with a few estim devices over the years. Back when I was into urethral play, I bought a thing that was a handheld controller and a battery pack, connected to about a 20″ wire. On the end of the wire was a smooth ‘bullet’ about 1/4-inch max diameter that was a vibrator. I put it down my urethra as far as it could easily go, which was just pass the perineum, and turned it loose. It was a pleasant experience, but not really orgasmic. I didn’t want to force it in any further. It seemed that might be injurious. I thought I might try going too far with it, so I gave it to a friend, the guy I used to play with (

Then, I had a testicle vise, which was essentially two plates of Plexiglas with holes, so the plates could squeeze my balls. It had an attached power unit that drove a current through my scrotum. The electrical part didn’t really work very well, but I really enjoyed the mechanical vise portion. I like squeezing my balls just to the point of pain, but not beyond. It feels oddly comforting. Soothing. Maybe like the way Temple Grandin’s inventions make cattle and other livestock that are squeezed in full-body frames calm down when getting injections or other treatments.

I also found a broken estim unit ostensibly for back pain at a garage sale one time for $1. It came with an assortment of pads. I found a loose connection on the circuit board, so it was easy to get it fixed up. I played with that several times, putting the pads here and there and everywhere.

All these devices had various settings for frequency patterns, amplitude, and so on.

With these various devices, for me at least, orgasms can be induced, but it’s not common. I find that mostly, the stimulation is actually more like annoying, ranging from an itch-like tickle, to ‘shocking’ pain.

One thing that’s particularly bothersome is that the conductivity varies. You can put it on a slightly sweaty scrotum, for instance, and have to keep the power low or you’ll go through the roof. As the scrotum dries, you need to crank up the power to feel anything. Then, suddenly, you make a slight movement, and the conductivity is greatly increased, and you’re in sudden pain.

So all in all, I don’t much recommend estim devices.

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