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Erection Expansion

Your author, playing with erection expansion
Look how the glans is so tight it shines.

There is a way to have a bigger erection than you ever had in your life. The technique is simple in principle, but like so many masturbatory things, it may take some practice to get it right.

Warning: This is not recommended, but rather presented for your information and amusement. It is possible that it may cause physical damage. At minimum, you may irritate the skin. At maximum, you may damage nerves or blood vessels. Whereas it works for your author just fine, it may not work for you. It could be very painful, in fact.

But if you absolutely have to try it:

Once you have become erect, tie a soft rope around the base of your penis. The exact amount of tightness matters. If you get it too tight, you’ll cut off the blood flow entirely, and your cock will have no way to expand.

A very tight binding is fun in its own right. You can prevent a soft penis from becoming erect past the point of the binding. It’s interesting to see a penis that’s hard before the binding, and entirely soft beyond. You can have an injaculation, where you orgasm, but the semen is trapped inside. You can cut off the circulation so entirely that your dick turns blue.

That’s an even worse idea, by the way. And if you disregard this advice, do it only for a few minutes, so you don’t cause permanent damage. Without blood flow, biological systems die.

If you don’t get the binding tight enough, nothing happens. However, when you get it just right, the blood continues to flow into your penis, but it can’t flow back out. Then you’re in for an interesting time.

First, your penis will stay hard, even if you lose your focus. The other thing you’ll notice is it feels hard. Really hard. It’s a feeling that can’t be duplicated, and is very erotic.

It’s so erotic that you might cum involuntarily. Don’t worry. If the binding tension is right, the cum will still ooze out of your peehole. Or maybe not. You may have an injaculation in which the cum is trapped. It may hurt a bit where the urethra has been squeezed shut, but it is short-term. Usually. Again, this isn’t actually recommended, but presented for your amusement.

After you’re done with the binding, your penis will feel heavy for a while. It may also ache if you left it bound for too long. Just a few minutes, and you may end up with an ache for a few hours, because that does stress the inner workings. They’ve never been under such high pressure.

Then, if you’re really crazy, you can try tying the rope behind your balls, as I demonstrate in the following pictures.

5 thoughts on “Erection Expansion

  1. Jesus fucking Christ!

  2. Back in my younger days, if I got excited enough my dick would look all hard and shiny like that even without the rope. *lol* I’ve never been brace enough to experiment very much with my cock. I have too high a regard for it.

  3. Isn’t this the same as using a cock ring?

  4. If you can get a cock ring that has just the right tightness, then it would be the same. However, you’re likely to be unable to adjust the cockring to have the same effect.

  5. Also available now are silicone rubber rings in varying sizes, typically sold in a 3 piece set. Of the 3 piece rings, 1 is typically the correct size to go below the head or crown of the pens, another fits the shaft near the base of the penis, and the third ring can and does fit around the entire “root” of the penis meaning the shaft and the scrotum (or “balls”). All 3 rings together provide excellent “reinforcement” to the erection’s staying power with gentle pressure to slow-down BUT NOT STOP the blood flow out of the penis back into the man’s body.

    From experience, I can offer this also, an extended session of foreplay (guys read this) meaning gentle and continuous simulation of the penis for at least ONE HOUR will also give a proverbial “Super Erection” or one where the ‘edge’ on orgasming has “worn off” is quite possible!

    I have done it, I have played solo for that long and done foreplay for that long as well, result in a penis so “hard” it becomes LESS sensitive or, a slight clenching of the pelvic muscles KEEPS the penis as hard as what previously required a major clenching of muscles, concentration, clamping done on teeth, and real focused effort! Guys, try it, try drawing out your erection over time! Don’t think of the orgasm as a reward, think of the “journey” to orgasm as the goal and both you and your partner will be very happy with the results!

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