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Emulating Mom’s Massage

Emulating Mom's Massage

My sister and I were both still quite young. Just old enough that our story can be written on ProWank.

My no-good father left when we were babies. My mother worked hard to support us. She was a massage practitioner. We had a large but old apartment and she took clients in a back bedroom. She’d disappear into that room and lock the door for an hour at a time, three or four times a day.

My sister and I didn’t know exactly what went on in there, and we didn’t care. Or more specifically, we didn’t think about it. That was just whatever our mom did to support us.

Strange men and occasionally women would come and go from our apartment, and we were told to stay out of sight. We mostly did.

During our mother’s time with her clients, we’d do homework, watch TV or whatever.

But one time, my sister got the strange idea that we should pretend we were mom and a client. Thinking back on it now, I laugh at how naive we were, how little we actually knew about what went on in that room. Like, we had heard the term ‘happy ending’ mentioned, and we thought it was just that, somehow our mother made them laugh or smile or something. That seemed a little odd, because all we heard from that back room was an occasional squeal or grunt from the clients toward the end of their sessions. It had been going on all our lives. We didn’t know what it was, and we didn’t care.

So, anyway, Sis came into my room and instructed me to lay on my bed. It was a warm day, and the air conditioning didn’t work very well, so she suggested we remove all our clothes. I was a bit reluctant, but she said that Mom’s clients remove all their clothes. I was like, “Really?” She said ‘yes.’ How she knew that, I didn’t know. I didn’t even know if it was true. But since it was hot, and I trusted my sister. I took off all my clothes. So did she.

I didn’t feel especially sexy about the situation. It wasn’t the first time I had seen her naked, and she had seen my little willie more than once, too.

I laid back down on the bed. She started rubbing her hands on my legs and arms. It felt rather nice. She informed me that she was massaging me like mom does with her clients. I was like, “OK.”

She worked her way up to my chest. Then, she very lightly started rubbing her fingers over my nipples. It was a kind of very interesting tickle. I had never experienced that before. I told Sis that it was pretty nice feeling, so she continued doing that. My little pecker hardened up, sticking straight into the air.

We both noticed, and as I recall Sis said something about it, like, “Cool,” but continued rubbing my nipples. It started to feel really, really wonderful, and I also felt the hardness of my penis. Quite nice. Then I felt something really weird. My penis started pulsing. It lasted only a few seconds. It kind of scared me, so I asked Sis to stop.

I told her about it, and all she said was “Weird.”

I was done. I wasn’t liking her silly little game any more. I started to put my clothes back on, and so she started dressing as well.

That was the last time we did anything like that until years later.

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  1. Until years late….. What did you do years later? I need to know.

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