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The speed of ejaculation can be as high as 28 miles (45 kilometers) per hour.

Once ejaculated, according to one report, the sperm swim at the rate of no more than 7 inches (18 cm) per hour.

Ejaculation varies with many factors including age, health condition, time of day, diet, and the amount of time since last ejaculation. The color can vary from clear to white, sometimes with a harmless, yellowish tinge. Sometimes a urethral injury or prostatic infection can cause a pink tint. Should that condition happen to you, have a health professional monitor it carefully. The volume of ejaculation can vary from zero to more than an ounce (28 cubic centimeters).

Ejaculation most often accompanies orgasm, but either can be had without the other. See Dry Orgasm.

The average man ejaculates 7,200 times in a lifetime, approximately once every three days in his adult life. A man can typically ejaculate within three minutes of beginning stimulation. Assuming the average ejaculation takes a bit longer, perhaps five minutes, that’s a total of 600 hours of pure pleasure. Or, if you’re an edger, or you and your mate spend a lot of time leading up to ejaculation, that might be more like 8,000 hours, or an entire year of 24-hour days.

Another way to look at it is that the typical man ejaculates approximately 53 liters (14 gallons, or 56 quarts) in a lifetime. All this ejaculate will contain about 1.8 trillion sperm.

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  2. You may see many claims for ejaculation distance but the highest number actually recorded is 8 feet. I’ve seen claims of as much as 15 feet. At my sexual peak, I could shoot just an inch or two short of five feet. But admittedly this was only after extended edging. A normal cum shot for me varied from 2 to 3 feet depending upon degree of arousal.

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