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Drip Society

We call ourselves ‘drips,’ normally a negative term, but for us, we’re proud of it. We are the Drip Society.

We get together once a week, on Wednesday evenings. It’s about ten guys typically. The whole group is probably around 25, but on any given Wednesday maybe ten show up. It’s been going on just a little over two years now. We meet at Roger’s house, a rather large mansion.

We practice letting out a single drip of cum. That’s the goal. Basically, we give each other handjobs. The recipients are allowed to orgasm, but encouraged not to ejaculate beyond one drip. We trade back and forth frequently, maybe getting and giving handjobs six times each in an evening.

In reality, most of us fail the test most of the time. We cum buckets when we thought we could just let out a drop of cum. As you may or may not know, when a guy has a dry orgasm, or lets out just a drop or two, he can stay hard and happily enjoy more and more orgasms. But when he fully cums, that’s generally it for the evening.

We are all slowly getting better at it. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with practice.

Sometimes we play with other things, like testicle massage, anal fingering, or glans rubbing, my personal favorite. Sometimes we experiment with post-orgasm stimulation after a guy has fully ejaculated. I always think I’ll want that after I squirt, but then when it happens, I squirm and yell, and have to ask the guy to stop. Then as soon as he stops, I wish he had kept going.

Every now and then Roger’s wife will participate, sort of. She’s the only woman who has attended, so far. She will be naked too, and she’ll bring out some sodas and a plate of cookies. On two occasions that I can remember, she actually jilled herself in our presence. That’s always a huge turn on for me.

My wife knows about the Drip Society, and I’ve invited her to join numerous times. I’m sure the other guys would like that. She’s a real looker. But so far, she has declined. The way she declines, makes me think that one of these days, when she’s horny enough, she’ll ride on over with me. I know she’ll have a great time. I’d really enjoy seeing one of the guys finger her, or watch her bring a guy to a one-drip orgasm.

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  1. This is sometimes called a “ruined orgasm” and is one way to avoid the problem of “post nut clarity” for guys who want to eat their own semen.

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