Dad – Trading Massage Techniques with Father

Dad Jerks Off for Me – Female POV

Darkroom Timer

Dance, Naked Shuffle Dance Girl

DD-Free – A short form used in personal ads to mean “drug and disease free,” or “drama and disease free.”

Decline – Sensory Decline


Depilation – Hair removal

Dermatologist Mother

Description – Something quite unusual

Dick-fart: The release of air or gas from the meatus (peehole). This is quite rare. You’ll find details on the Q   page.

Different, Give This a Try – For Women or Men

Digital Rectal Exam

Dildo, 36-Inch Flexible

Diphallia – a male congenital condition

Discovered by Co-Worker – Male masturbation tale

Distance: Ejaculation Distance Contest – Male point of view story, heterosexual

Distance Contest – Another distance contest

Docking: surrounding the tip of a man’s penis with the foreskin of another man. Of course at least one of the men has to be uncircumcised.

Doctor: I Work For A Doctor – Ebook, Heterosexual

Doctor – Male/female exam erection story

Doggy At The Creek – Memoir of being caught

Dojo – Like Shaolins

Domination – Info

Donald Ducking – wearing a T-shirt but nothing else.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Military Erotica, male point of view, bisexual

Dorm Living, Naked – Bisexual story, male point of view

Double Massage

Double Fisting – Info

Double Penetration

Downside – What can be wrong with masturbation?

The Drip Society – Male point of view

Drugs: Poppers

Drummer, My Girlfriend the Drummer

Dry Orgasm – Also known as ‘dry ejaculation’

Dry Ejaculations and Continuous Orgasms – Short Version

Dye – The Ultimate Dye Job – A heterosexual story

Dysmorphia – also known as body dysmorphia is the belief that oneself is not good looking or misshapen or discolored in some way. This may be due to excess weight, an unusual face, scars or other physical attributes, but often it is an untrue belief. A man may feel his penis is too small, for instance, when in fact it is actually average size. Your author has often felt there’s ‘something’ wrong with his face, but he just can’t quite identify what it is. While evidently unfounded, variations of this dysmorphia are quite common.

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