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My girlfriend came home with a bunch of cucumbers in various sizes. She warmed them in water, then explained her plan to me. She wanted me to coat them with coconut oil, then squeeze them into her pussy, working up to the biggest size she could take.

As we started, with me totally ignoring my erection, I was afraid of hurting her. She was wincing, moaning, and occasionally yelling out, but she kept insisting she wanted more. I should mention that’s she’s always been multi-orgasmic and orgasmed a couple of times during this process. I could feel her contractions as I held on to the ends of the cucumbers. I worked up to the biggest cucumber we had, which was maybe two inches (5cm) in diameter. She was able to take it’s full width, but she wasn’t satisfied.

She wanted me to try the same thing, but in her butt. There, she could take only a 1.5-inch (3.5cm) cucumber before she called it quits. She orgasmed from that also.

Then she announced it was my turn.


She was serious. She started with out smallest, pickle-sized cucumber and slowly pushed and twisted it into my ass. It hurt, so I asked her to take it out. A minute later, I realized it hadn’t hurt that much, and for some reason, I really, really wanted more.

I asked her to push it back in, and this time it hurt hardly at all, and felt very nice. She then worked up to the two-incher (5cm), and as she slowly pushed that in, it didn’t hurt at all. Oddly, I wanted more. I wanted to try a huge cucumber, but that was the biggest we had. Suddenly, without my penis having been touched, cum was spurting out of me in one of the more intense orgasms of my life.

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