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Covid Roommates

covid-19 roommates frenulum pulling

After Covid wiped out my line of work, I had to quit renting my large apartment, and move in as Gary’s roommate. Gary was a coworker, and he, too, lost his line of work. Right now, we’re both eeking out a living running our own little delivery service.

Anyway, I was reluctant to move in with Gary, because he’s gay. But what choice did I have?

Things started out well enough. But then, he said he wanted to ‘just look’ at my dick. I relented. Perhaps I should mention that around about the third time he asked, practically begged, in fact, I felt something strange. I really wanted to show him my dick. How weird is that?

So I let him look. But as you may have guessed, it didn’t end there. Over the course of the next two weeks, we settled into a routine, and a I must say, it’s a very strange routine. Funny thing is, we’re both getting what we want out of the deal.

For both of us, until the Covid era ends, dating is off the table. But, we’re both horny. Him for guys, I suppose, me for girls.

So what we’ve been doing is very simple, but I actually have to admit, very nice.

We’re both nudists, so we strip off after dinner. But here’s where it varies from a normal housemate routine: He’ll then have me lay on my bed, and he sits in my little office chair next to the bed. He’ll start pulling on my frenulum. That’s right. That’s what he does. He grips the little flap of skin just below my cockhead, and just starts slowly and gently pulling up and down. Straight or not, I do get an erection, almost right away. Then he continues with the frenulum pulling. That’s all, and eventually, I have a big, giant orgasm. Every time!

I’ve offered to do something to him in return, but oddly, he doesn’t want it. He just wants to get me off. He expresses great joy as soon as I get an erection, and again when I cum. I mean, I’d jerk him off, or blow him even, if that’s what he would want. But he wants nothing other than to pull my frenulum. This has been going on for weeks, and neither of us get tired of it.

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